Palm Sunday in the Philippines

 photo P4130160_zpsb2419905.jpgSorry for the late post but I just want you to share the recently held Palm Sunday celebration in our church. Palm Sunday is basically a trditional Christian event that is usually done on the first Sunday before the Holy Week. This event is done to commemorate with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. This event is indeed one of the most vital parts in the New Testament. In the Philippines, communities re-enact Jesus’ triumphal entry with a procession. A statue of Christ astride a donkey (the humenta) or the officiating priest on horseback processes around or towards the local church along with congregants bearing ornately woven palaspas (palm branches). Once blessed, the palaspas are taken home by the faithful and placed on altars, or hung beside, on, or above doorways and windows. The old palaspas can be taken over back to the church few days before the next year’s sh Wednesday.

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