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The month of May marks the start of the Pilgrimage season in Antipolo. Traditionally, many devotees of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra Señora Dela Paz Y Bien Viaje) from different parts of the country will visit her shrine in Antipolo to express their deep love and devotion.

The first Tuesday of May is when the Pilgrimage season officially begins which will last til the month of July. This also coincides with Antipolo’s “Tipulo Festival” which is celebrated for the entire month of May. Their famous Sumakah Festival is also celebrated every 1st of May and much like Sumakah which basically stands for Antipolo’s three famous products and delicacies ~ Suman, Manga, Kasoy and Hamaka, Tipulo Festival also aims to promote the town’s specialty products and also their rich culture and tradition.

Aside from the churches and their well-known delicacies, Antipolo, Rizal has so much to offer! The Province of Rizal has many amazing places to discover and Antipolo alone has great list of attractions you definitely need to visit. To utilize all my time, i always plan my trip ahead and create my itinerary so I can explore the town freely and smoothly. The town has many other amazing attractions that are definitely worth a visit. So without any further ado, here are the list of places you should definitely not miss when visiting Antipolo!

Antipolo Cathedral

A trip to Antipolo especially on a height of the Pilgrimage season will not be completed without dropping by at the Antipolo Cathedral. The Catheral also serves as the national shrine for Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Nuestra Señora Dela Paz Y Buen Viaje is a 17th-century Roman Catholic wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary brought from Mexico in 1626. The statue is one of the most celebrated images of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Philippines, gaining devotees since the mid-19th century. Read More : Biyaheng Antipolo : Antipolo Cathedral

Via Dolorosa

Just few walks or one ride away from the Cathedral is the Via Dolorosa (the way of the cross) situated in Pinagmisahan Hills. This is an ideal pilgrim site especially during Holy Week (Check List of Pilgrims Sites and Retreat Centers Near Metro). The site features lifesize statues depicting scenes from the Way of the Cross. It requires a minor trek in order to complete all the fourteen stations of the cross. Read More : Via Dolorosa in Pinagmisahan Hills


Hinulugang Taktak Falls

Another notable destination in Antipolo is the famous Hinulugang Taktak falls. You’ve probably heard of the song “Tayo na sa Antipolo” where the fall is mentioned. Unfortunately the Hinulugang Taktak falls is no longer as beautiful as it was but the authorities are giving their extreme efforts to restore the place and to bring the Hinulugang Taktak back to its former glory. It is still, however, worth a visit! Read more : Biyaheng Antipolo : Hinulugang Taktak Falls
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Boso Boso Church

Nuestra Señora dela Annunciata Parish Church or also known as the Boso Boso Church is another interesting destination in Antipolo that shares huge historical significance.The church was established in the late 16th Century by the Franciscan Missionaries. The church suffered damage from different calamities yet the facade remains intact. It was considered as ruins until it was restored in 1995. Photo Credit : Rizal Provincial Government Official Site

Pinto Art Museum

For those who love arts, then Pinto Art Museum is an ideal place to visit. This instagram worthy Museum (Check : Top Ten Instagram Worthy Museums Near the Metro), showcases a huge collection of contemporary arts which includes but not limited to paintings, sculptures and art installations. The museum which becomes a favorite hang out place of millennials because of its picturesque atmosphere. Read More : Pinto Art Museum / 25 Most Interesting Artworks in Pinto Art Museum


Casa Santa Museum

Another picture worthy and absolutely unique museum in Antipolo is the Casa Santa. Located within the Jardin De Miramar, Casa Santa houses thousands of Santa Claus and Christmas related items. It is Christmas time here everyday. They feature an entire room filled with Christmas village, a collection of snow globes, figurines and a gingerbread-house inspired building. It’s definitely a great experience visiting this museum. Read More : Biyaheng Antipolo: Experience the Magic with Casa Santa Museum.

Mystical Cave

In the province of Rizal, Tanay is probably more popular with its mountain ranges and caves but Antipolo can also be ideal for adventure seekers. Inday Nelly Deles’ Mystical Cave may not be as grand as the Calinawan Cave of Tanay (Check: Calinawan Cave) but still worth a visit. It’s an easy caving adventure that even kids can conquer. The place has been the venue for many fantasy series and movies. Read more: Biyaheng Antipolo : Mystical Cave

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens

If you are looking for a perfect place to unwind, Luljetta’s Hanging Garden is indeed a perfect choice. Situated within the Loreland Farm Resort (Check: Loreland Farm Resort), Luljetta’s Hanging Garden features a breathtaking scenery with an infinity pool overlooking the Laguna De Bay and Metro Manila. Their package comes up with a spa treatment, Jacuzzi, an access to meditation lounge, sauna and a wonderful treat of snacks promoting’s Antipolo’s famous delicacies. You can Check their Rates here.

Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort

Another interesting destination in Antipolo is the Cloud 9 Resort. The place allows you to get a panoramic view of the entire Antipolo. In addition to that, the resort features the so-called 360 View Deck where you must bravely pass through an ascending hanging bridge. They also display various paintings done by various local artists. Read more : Biyaheng Antipolo : Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort

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    Antipolo is quite far from me but considering how far other places are it’s near enough for me to visit and enjoy. I’ve been wanting to go to Pinto Art Museum, Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Cloud 9. They all seem worth a visit. Aside from it being IG worthy the places are so unique and look enjoyable.

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    Wow!! Really enjoy your sharing here about Antipolo. Love all the photos & wish I can personally travelling to & explore all the places you have shared here. Also learnt about the Pilgrimage season that you have shared, it was my 1st time heard about this season though. Am adding your posting here to my to-travel collection. Yeah!!
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