Securring his Shop

Internet Cafe is probably one of the most in-demand businesses today. No wonder why my Brother-in-law grabbed the opportunity to rent a space near the school and build his own Computer shop business. The location of his shop is so nice because of the non-stop customers going in and out everyday, knowing that the shop is located near the school . Most of his customers are students who go drop be on his shop to gather information online for their home works and research papers. I assumed that he is really earning a lot from this business. In fact6, he is now planning to start an eatery business near his shop and i have heard that the capital that he will be using for this eatery business are the fruits of his income from his internet cafe. This makes me realized how risky and dangerous this business is especially now that he is planning to open his shop 24 hours a day. We suggested himĀ  to install security cameras on his shop. He should placed some hidden spy cameras near his cashier area and install security cameras outside to monitor his customers. These cameras will definitely secure his shop from any danger like robbery. Anyway, i am happy for him and for the success of his business.

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