Styling Solutions

The leave-in conditioners to use, however, are the ones applied onto the wet hair and are blown into the air. This way the product is spread more evenly throughout the head. A second way to thickenĀ  the hair strands is to apply styling products. Styling products come is many forms; hair spray, mousse, spritz and gels. In choosing the best styling product for you, you will have to pick products that are best formulated for your hair type and texture, and also pick one that best suits the look that you want to achieve. Hair sprays give the hair a lift and control. They are used as brace to give the hair direction and form as well as support for hair that is bout to be curled with a curling iron. Hair mousse and gels can be lightly applied to hair that is going to be set or even blown dry into the hair with a diffuser for those natural-looking curls. Make sure you comb it thoroughly on you wet hair.

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