St Mary Magdalene Church Of Kawit

St Mary Magdalene Church Of Kawit Cavite or simply known as the Kawit Church is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.  It was built since 1737. Interestingly, the first church was made from wood and was constructed in 1638 but Kawit, during that time became a red-light district after being frequented by Spanish marines. To solve this bad reputation of the town, the Archbishop ordered the dedication of the Kawit church to St Mary Magdalene. The church was severely destroyed after the Philippine-American war (which can still be traced on the church’s exterior). In 1990, the church was renovated and restored.P7210060e(St Mary Magdalene Church facade)Me, my mom and two of my church mates went here last July to attend the con-celebrated mass as part of their feast day! As you can see, the facade of the church will tell you how old this church really is.
P7210053eThe Main Altar of Saint Mary Magdalene Church. The church has a single nave. The sides has 14 sets of windows each with a small stained-glass depicting the fourteen Stations of the Cross.P7210054eThe Andas of St Mary Magdalene adorned with some Pahiyas Festival-inspired decorations.  Since Mary Magdalene is traditionally depicted with a vessel of ointment of perfume  in reference to the “anointing of Jesus” where she anoints Jesus with an expensive perfume, the statue is notably aromatic. You can even see expensive perfume bottles which is probably donated by her devotees.P7210057eAccording to Wikipedia,The miraculous life-size image of Mary Magdalene in Kawit has a “mark” in the middle of her forehead, it resembles a mole and no living local in Kawit knows why the statue has such a mark. Speculations suggests that this is the symbolic mark of Jesus’s fingertip during the resurrection when he had appeared to Magdalene and said Noli me tangere (Touch me not). Some suggests that this mark is to clearly distinguish her identity from the Virgin Mary.P7210066eThe closer image of Mary Magdalene. The antique statue is a detailed wooden sculpture with carved hair, draped clothing and a pair of silver shoes, she holds a crucifix on her left hand and a jar or perfume on the right hand. P7210060e The St. Mary Magdalene Church was declared a Historical Structure of the Philippines and a marker was placed by the National Historical Institute

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  • September 9, 2016 at 10:44 pm
    Permalink tatanong lang aq kung paano pumunta sa simbahan ni mary magdalene sa kawit cavite..

    please response… or please message me on fb abegail ugdoracion

    • September 12, 2016 at 9:18 pm

      Kung manggagaling po kayo ng Maynila, sumakay po kayo ng Bus na papuntang Cavite city. Itanong po ninyo sa driver kung dadaan sila sa simbahan/bayan ng Kawit.

      Kung manggagaling pa rin po kayo ng Maynila at sa Aguinaldo Highway ang daan ninyo, bumaba po kayo sa SM Bacoor tapos sumakay po kayo ng baby bus na papuntang Noveleta o Cavite City.

      Kung sa Imus po kayo manggagaling, pumunta po kayo sa Binakayan. Pagkababa po ninyo sa Binakayan, sumakay po kayo ng Baby bus na papuntang Noveleta o Cavite city.

      Sa lahat ng yan, ang madadaanan po ninyo ay ang likuran ng simbahan ng Kawit. Hindi po nakaharap ang facade ng simbahan sa main road. Magpababa na lang po kayo sa driver. Ang tanging landmark na makikita po ninyo ay ang bahay ni Aguinaldo.

      Sana po eh nakatulong po ako.

      • September 13, 2016 at 12:06 am

        Salamat po sa pagsagot


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