That Big Talisay Tree


Do you see that big Talisay tree spreading out its branches over that concrete wall? That concrete wall is from our neighbor and as you can see, they have lots of trees planted on their yard. Well having trees on your garden is good because it provide space to shade and beautifies your garden as well but if the branches are spreading that wide, conquering other spaces, well I think it is not that good at all.

Yes, it might give us enough sp[ace to shade but as you can see inĀ  the photo, the tree is branching out up to the cable wires which is quite dangerous not just for them but also for everyone who is living near that area including us!! I just wish they will ask someone to trim that tree or avail something like the Tree Service Portland services to trim that tree while making the tree more appealing at the same time.

Luckily, I recently came across a webpage offering Tree Removal services from arborist service to strump removal. You can check the page at The Local Tree Experts to see more of the services they offer and to see how you can find a tree removal service near your area.

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