The Bangenge Festival 2015 (Pasiklaban Ng Mga Bangenge 2015)


Here in Cavite City, we have an annual festivity known as the “Bangenge Festival”. It’s more like a Christmas tradition in our city where different representatives from schools and barangay are participating in a grand parade of our so-called “Bangenge”. I am not really aware where this “bangenge” term derived from but we’ve been using it since we were kids. Bangenge are like giant mascots made from paper-mâché. Their frames are often made from baskets and bamboo sticks while the skins are all made from old newspapers or magazines with the help of their home made paste and then once dry, they will adorn it with colorful paints and flamboyant accessories.PC152595tThey said that Cavite City has been celebrating the Bangenge Festival since early 70’s. It’s relatively new compare to other festivities of the nearby towns. It may also remind you of the famous Higantes Festival of Angono, Rizal but what makes Bangenge Festival more distinctive is the fact that it is free form. Therefore, participants can create characters based on their own preferences. There is no specific theme here and characters can be based from cartoons, games, movies, or even popular personalities. PC152603t
The “Pasiklaban ng mga Bangenge” usually starts every second week of December. All the Bangenge will be put on an exhibit for several days before their grand parade. Keep in mind that this is also a contest where judges will pick the best Bangenge and the lucky creators will win cash prizes in return. This is the reason why every participants are putting so much effort on their works and some of them are even spending months just to create their Bangenge. I participated once on this event when I was in highschool along with my classmates (sadly we didn’t get any prize but it was a fun experience though). Without any further ado, here are some of the best looking Bangenge I took from the exhibit. Enjoy! PC152452tShrekPC152453tRoronoa Zoro (One Piece)PC152457tMonkey D Luffy (One Piece)PC152459t

Peace ^_^PC152464tStitchPC152473tJimmy NeutronPC152477tBaymax (Big Hero 6)PC152484tAnnie, The Dark Child (League of Legends)PC152485tOh (Home)PC152535tAnother Oh (Home) with my sisterPC152488tAnger (Inside Out)PC152531tAnother AngerPC152533tPhoto op with Anger LOLPC152507tSadness (Inside Out)PC152490tShaggy And Scooby DooPC152491tSofia The FirstPC152493tMinionsPC152495tI think they took the Giant Minion scene from the movie. Check out these little minions on his arm!PC152497tWe saw a lot of Clash of Clans- inspired mascots here. Here’s a Wizard!PC152471tAn ArcherPC152467tAnother WizardPC152525tand Of course, the BarbarianPC152538tCarl from UpPC152503tRaphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle)PC152505tMaster Roshi from Dragonball Z flexing some muscles
I personally think that the highlight of the Bangenge Festival this year are those mascots inspired from the Kalyeserye most especially the AlDUb!PC152511tHere’s my photo op with Yaya Dub!PC152470tAnd another one doing the Pabebe Wave LOLPC152511tand another one…. i just can’t get enough..PC152519tOf course, it is not a KalyeSerye without Lola NidoraPC152523tPC152514tAnd there comes Frankie Arinoli too!PC152560tIt was a great experience and I must commend all the participants for some incredible craftsmanship they offer. I just can’t imagine how much time and effort they put in making such incredible masterpiece! Kudos to all!PC152574tWin or lose, you guys did a great job! By the way, aside from the Bangenge, they also have the “Parada ng mga Kuneho” (a Rabbit lantern Parade) and also a Lantern-making Contest too and I am going to post them on a separate entry.

Check out other highlights of this event

Bangenge ExhibitKuneho/ Rabbit Lanterns Recycled Lantern Contest

8 thoughts on “The Bangenge Festival 2015 (Pasiklaban Ng Mga Bangenge 2015)”

  1. [SK] says:

    wow this is a very interesting event I have to say, and you have been having it every year since the 70s!! there are indeed a huge numbers of the “bangenge”, some are indeed made so close to the real cartoon characters, impressive.. and haha, so this time you had fun taking photos of them, as well as taking photos with them!! what a happy event it was!! 🙂

  2. rochkirstin says:

    Wow. It’s great to know that there’s such a festival that displays creativity through colorful paints and accents. The minions look so cute!

  3. Twilight Man says:

    From a distance they all looked perfect and fabulous!
    All the figurines are indeed well made masterpieces which took so much time and patience from the individuals. This event is very interesting.


  4. I never heard about this festival, but this is so awesome! Ang ganda nung malalaking mascot and meron pa Lola Nidor and the Kalyeserye peeps.

  5. Franc Ramon says:

    The bangenge festival looks so cool. Kids would really love this and the mascots are really impressive.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I do like The Carl one because of the intricacies of the hair and the fine lines and wrinkles. It was a complete opposite of the one in front of it, young and handsome, ha,ha,ha. Never heard of bangenge or the festivities and I feel like a tourist in my own land.

  7. mun says:

    The Bangenge are so well made. Everyone must have put so much effort and heart into making them. After the festival, what will happen to these Bangenge?

  8. emiliana says:

    This is the first time I heard of Bangenge. Each participant is a winner in their own right! Love those creations!

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