The Grossest Thing in the World

The grossest thing in this world is not your snotty-nosed little brother nor the dog poop in your carpet. They are also not the fat people wearing skimpy clothes haha. Actually, the grossest things in this world are the things that are not seen by our naked eyes. The germs are residing all over your house even to the place where you thought they are not. Their favorite hangout place would be your bathroom so you better arm yourself with those powerful disinfectants and bleach. Cleaning your bathroom regularly is a must, knowing that bacteria can grow and multiply themselves in just a short period of time. We may not kill them all completely but at least we can lessen their domination and prevent ourselves from getting any serious bacterial diseases. Most of them lies on your toilet seats so i suggest you use the most powerful bleach to wash them out. Your bath tub is also prone to bacteria and washing them with your ordinary detergent would not be enough to eliminate them all. Changing the spa cover from time to time is very advisable too. Waterlogged hot tub cover promote bacterial growth and replacing them is very necessary. Do not risk the health of you and your family. Negligence and ignorance has never been an excuse.

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