Upcoming Games of 2011

There are three cool video games that i am looking forward this year.


The first one is the newest installment of Marvel versus Capcom. i am really not expecting that gaming manufacturers will be reprising this iconic game. It’s been ages since the last Marvel versus Capcom was released. I’m sure they’ll be bringing up more exciting characters for this newest installment. I’m sure that graphics will be well enhanced and i am so excited to see the improvement in each of the iconic characters in the game such as Wolverine and the X-Men gang, Black Heart, Morigan and more! I’m sure you wanna hear those notable phrases like “Here Comes a New Challeger”; “K.O” and Round 1, FIGHT!” haha


Another exciting game to watch out for this year is the new nerve wracking installment of Resident Evil. I just don’t know if the rumors are true but i have heard that Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine will be teaming up for this game. I have also heard that the location of the story will be centering to a cruise line. Well.. if that so, it will be somehow similar to Resident Evil: Code Veronica starring Claire Redfield… Hmmmm i really find this game very intriguing… I better search more about this..


Well, if you are looking for a cool psp game this year, i suggest you to watch out for the newest installment of Final Fantasy Dissidia. What i like about Dissidia compare to other Final Fantasy game series is that, you can see all the protagonists and antagonists of all Final Fantasy series. From Final Fantasy I up to Final Fantasy XIII. Gathering all the stars of this game, what else can you ask for?

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