Why I Want an OPPO F1S?

Honestly I am not that kind of person who will put cellphone on top of everything. Believe me, I was able to survive living without phone for years (I don’t have text mates after all) but things on my end have changed. I was once a loner and I have been battling with my anxiety and depression alone but you know what? Something happened to me unexpectedly that made me realized how important it is to have a phone, how important it is to have a GOOD phone! The moment I stepped out of my comfort zone, that is the time I realized how wonderful life has to offer. I blamed myself for all the opportunities I wasted by spending most of my time alone and never let others to be part of my life and make it surprisingly colorful.IMG_0251j
It all started when I got invited to a blogger event by an online buddy. I told myself that if I am going to refuse his offer again, I may no longer receive any opportunity in the future. I have always wanted to meet other bloggers for real but my social anxiety is always pulling me back. To make the story short, I got enough courage to say yes and I think that was the best decision I have ever made simply because it showed me what I am really capable of! That pinch of confidence I got gave me enough courage to do things that are beyond my expectations. I started traveling alone meeting people that I barely even know and befriending them. I actually find it fun and surprisingly rewarding and I never really thought that I can do it myself.
Since then, I started to travel almost every weekend, exploring new places, meeting new friends. I always bring my camera with me as I consider it as my ultimate possession (mawala na lahat wag lang ang camera ko) because that’s where I find my own happiness when capturing things or places that will catch my attention. The only problem is that every time I travel, I only bring my camera alone and I seldom bring a phone with me or if I do, I usually borrowed it from either my mom or my brother since I do not own any phone. Not that I don’t have money to spend but it’s just that I don’t find it really necessary (yeah, that’s a frugal me speaking haha). But then again, as I’ve said, things have changed and I finally find my perfect reasons to get one!
I was looking for a perfect phone for me, a smartphone that will be great enough to support my new found passion. And I found it through this new OPPO F1S. I was surprised to learn its overwhelming features and I really think that we were both destined to each other. The new OPPO F1S features 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Screen (hey isn’t the same material used for 2017 FordGT windscreen??); it has two thread-thin metallic band; a wide 5.5inch screen; an impressive 0.22s Touch access and a Dual SIM feature with an expandable memory storage up to 128 GB!
But you know what I like most from OPPO F1S? Apart from its mind blowing 16MP Front Camera (perfect for my travel photos) this phone boasts an impressive 3GB RAM! The OPPO F1S has 3GB RAM and an Octa-Core 64bit Processor which gives this phone a capability to do multitasking and allows the user not just to use multiple apps but also to switch from one app to another without any issues. This kind of feature may be very beneficial for gamers but for someone like me who travel a lot yet still need to work and to keep in touch with my clients online, this OPPO F1S is really a perfect phone for me.
Now here’s the interesting part, I just learned that OPPO F1S is currently hosting an online contest which will give 1 lucky winner a chance to own this wonderful phone! So Why should I Win an OPPO F1S Phone?
First of all, I currently don’t have a phone. I guess that’s one obvious reason but honestly, if I will ever decide to buy one, it would be an OPPO F1S but of course, I would be more grateful if ever I win this contest! Who doesn’t want a phone like OPPO F1S for free right (frugal alert, frugal alert!!!)
Second, this phone is really ideal for me and for my future travels and adventure to capture those amazing places and moments in a picture-perfect quality!
So yeah, I believe I really deserve to win this phone and start new colorful chapters in my life! Wish me luck!

One thought on “Why I Want an OPPO F1S?

  • October 27, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    Oh , I have never heard of this phone before , sounds like a really great device. I will check online if this is available here in Spain and how much it’ll cost. My contract of my current phone will finish soon and then I can go for a new one , this is defo an option to go for. Thanks for sharing , always good to get to read decent opinions !


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