“Wig”gily Fun

I have mentioned it once in my main blog and even share a photo of me wearing this funny wig. Well, we found a wig on our stock room and we decided to make fun of it. We’re so curious about how are we going to look like if we dye our hair like this. Hmmmmm… excited to see the photos??? Here we go….

It feels like i went 3 years younger with this wig.. hahaha A Justin Bieber inspired looks.

Eh.. i think it looks good without the glasses…

Okay Mirasol definitely looks like Zaijan Jaranilla here…

What yah think? LOL

Milzon is not having fun of it at first…. but after awhile…..

Tadah!!! Acted kinda weird here haha

Have  great day guys and Happy blogging

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