Meet And Greet With Doraemon And Friends!!!

Doraemon has become a household name since the late 90s ever since the Animated series aired in National television. Much like any other anime, Doraemon also started as a manga written and illustrated by the artists behind the Fujiko Fujio. It follows a story of a Robotic Cat from the 22nd century who traveled back in time to help the young boy Nobita. Doraemon was sent by Sewashi who is apparently the great great grandpa of Nobita from the future. And from there, the rest is history.


Doraemon And Friends ; Gian (Damulag), Nobita, Shizuka, Doraemon and Suneo

Interestingly, few weeks ago, my brother and I saw an online contest held by Doraemon And Friends Pinas FunPage ( An official facebook account handled by Animation International Philippines). The contest is entitled “The Search For Nobita Look Alike” which aims to look for people who are basically looks like Nobita. They were looking for a total of six winners : One grand winner and the other Top Five winners.  My little brother has been a very big fan of the show. In fact, he already played Nobita in one of the cosplay conventions we attended few years ago.  So without any hesitation we submitted an entry and luckily, my brother was soon declared as one of the top winners.


My entry for The Search Of Nobita Look-Alike featuring photos of Milzon cosplaying Nobita during Cosmania 2014

The contest by the way is done in celebration of Nobita’s Birthday (August 7) and also as a treat for his avid followers. My brother as one of the top five winners is supposed to receive Doraemon toys and a chance to have a selfie with Nobita but some changes were made few days before the actual Meet and Greet Event. From a simple Meet and Greet Event, the winners will now be given a chance to appear on segment of a TV Program of GMA.  It was all out of plan but that made my brother even more excited!20160806_091433t20160806_092330t

We first arrived on Animation International Philippines office in Ortigas as instructed. From there, we were expecting to meet the rest of the winners including that cute little boy named “Rui” who won the grand prize.  Unfortunately, not all winners can make it that day but we’re glad to see little Rui in the event. The shooting took place in Quezon Memorial Circle where the winners will be accompanied by Doraemon and friends!
20160806_112913t(Nobita Meets Nobita)IMG_0413ttBehind the scenes20160806_115529tI’m not really sure how well the shooting will turn out but no matter how long or short his exposure will be, we are so damn excited to see out little brother on TV haha20160806_114118tThe two Nobitas in front of Doraemon inspired van20160806_114125tLittle Rui with his Doraemon plushieIMG_0416tIMG_0419tGraceful Doraemon finally showed up!
It was really exciting and we really had so much fun! We’re happy to see Doraemon and his Friends who were all in character that day. A huge crowd gathered around them and they were all given a chance to take selfies with the Doraemon.IMG_0425tIMG_0426ktIMG_0429tIMG_0431tThe Three Nobitas on their last shootIMG_0436tGroup shot with the Nobita Look A Like WinnersIMG_0438tMy brother claimed his prizeIMG_0443tCute little Rui claimed his prize as well!20160806_125016tDoraemon and Nobita20160806_125932tLazy Nobita20160806_130419t
We were informed that this episode will be aired in AHA! an informative and educational TV program hosted by Drew Arellano. Feel free to watch AHA! in GMA7 this coming August 14 at 8 am in the morning!


33 thoughts on “Meet And Greet With Doraemon And Friends!!!”

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    First of all, I was kinda surprised you would write about Doraemon. I am so used to seeing you publish posts on churches. After reading, what can I say? Congratulations to you, especially to your brother. He certainly does look like Rui. LOL!

  2. Joanna says:

    What a fun experience this must have been, especially for your brother! I would have loved to meet my cartoon heroes when I was little. It makes such a big difference and it makes you feel special. Congratulations! 🙂

  3. This one is different from your churches post. Anyway, congratulations on your brother on winning the contest. He looked like Nobita just really taller so congratulations too to little Rui. It’s nice surprise to have that TV exposure from GMA. I’m sure you’re super happy that is why you shared. I’m happy as well 🙂

  4. Rowena C says:

    Oh my sister would have love this! She is an avid doraemon fan! She has collections of Doraemon and friends. Will tell about this! she would definitely freak out hahahahha!

  5. Carola says:

    I don’t know Doraemon, but it looks awesome. I looked it up on youtube and I like it ( even though I can’t understand what they say). It’s a great prize :). Seems like your brother had a great day. And love all the pictures.
    Meet & greets are awesome and just impressing to meet one of your heroes :).

  6. Liz Mays says:

    The winners’ costumes are perfect! This looked like a really fun time. I’m loving the group shot.

  7. Sharon Wu says:

    How cute! I was obsessed with Doraemon as a kid, so this really brings great childhood memories. Thanks for sharing! xo, sharon

  8. Lex says:

    My joy and happiness goes to your brother for this post, your cartoon heroe though.

  9. Looks like a lot of fun! I don’t know Doraemon only by name, I am more the “Dragon Ball guy”. There was no Doraemon when I was a kid, at least here I don’t know somewhere else.

  10. Aw that must have been an amazing experience for you both, especially since your little bro is a fan of the franchise.

  11. That looks like you had a wonderful time! I don’t know why the Japanese are so good at making cute characters, but they really are. Maybe it’s the big eyes and chubby cheeks. Anyway, any time I see Doraemon, I always want to give him a squishy hug.

  12. courtney says:

    Looks like so much fun! Glad you got to meet some of your favourite characters.

    La Belle Sirene

  13. Woohooo! Yeah this was definitely a surprise! blogging about Doraemon and friends. Turns out, it was a blog post about your brother who won too, so Congratulations 🙂

    I know how awesome that feeling is when someone from your family gets featured on TV! You must be Super proud!

  14. Jen Yang says:

    A good friend and church mate of mine comes into mind upon reading the words “Doraemon”. 🙂 He would’ve loved experiencing the mascots and the cosplay. Your brother looks so much like Nobita. <3 As a 90s girl, I would always sing the opening song to the tune of the original lyrics. 🙂 It looks so much fun! Congratulations to your brother for winning! <3

  15. Elizabeth O. says:

    Congratulations to your brother and the entire family! What a wonderful opportunity. I’m sure your brother will remember this for the rest of his life. And it’s always awesome to be able to watch a family member on TV!

  16. Dreammerin says:

    Wow! It sounds like a very nice experience! Congratulations – very nice job!! It looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Cute! If my youngest brother were still little, I think he’ll be joining, too. We teased him before as Nobita because he looked like him. Congrats to your brother! What show in GMA will this air?

  18. Jolina says:

    That looks like a lot of fun! I remember my brother watching similar shows when we were younger. (And yay for your brother for winning!)

  19. Sebastien says:

    This by far adorable and looks super fun. Don’t even get me started on the costumes. I admit it… I want one too! Congrats to the winner.

  20. Christopher says:

    Not sure who they are but they look like lots of fun!!!

  21. Zwitsy says:

    Whoah! Congratulations to your brother. I didn’t know that there are contests like that in the country but glad that you guys were able to join and that your brother won. I’ll definitely watch the AHA’s episode this Sunday. 🙂

  22. Lizelle Cruz says:

    Congratulations!! Happy that you guys enjoyed it!!

  23. Borka says:

    I remember wathcing this when I was younger, I didn’t even know the name of it. It was nice seeing this. Also, your brother really looks like him! Congrats for being one of the winners!

  24. retlyn says:

    Woah I never expected that what you post this on your blog because most of your posts are churches! I am a big fan of Doraemon and I am really jelly right now haha hope there will be also an event like that here in my place. Congratulations to you and to your lil bro!

  25.’re taking me back to my youth. I didn’t know Doraemon is also so popular in your country. It must be an amazing experience for you and your brother to meet the characters of Doraemon and friends.

  26. Nya says:

    The look-alike contest sounded like proper fun:) congrats to your brother he did definitely deserve be on top winners, he certainly played the part.

  27. Sabine says:

    Congratulations first of all. Must be a fun job! I have never heard of it. Are they famous in Europe too? The nineties are coming up in general! Very cool!

  28. One of my favorite cartoons back when I was younger. You’re brother is so cute and congratulations for winning! Where’s your Nobita Photo?

  29. Mia Foo says:

    i’m a huge fan of doraemon and this event is just so adorable! initially I thought your brother is really young (when he’s wearing the nobita costume) until he stood with little rui. hahaha! that young boy is so cute, too!

  30. Shayne says:

    wow so cute! I did not see this in the news! I used to watch Doraemon when I was a kid. Cute cosplayers!

  31. Shai Habon says:

    So cute! With all the Pokemon craze, this post is so refreshing! I’m a Doraemon fan too! <3

  32. This is too cute! The Nobita-lookalike is lit. I’m sure the little kids enjoyed the cosplaying, the photoshoot and having a lot of Doraemon merchandise around them. It just brings the anime to life. 🙂

  33. Yan says:

    Wooow congrats to your brother! LIttle Rui is sooo cuute! But wait, how did Nobita have a great great grandfather from the future? Naconfuse ako haha

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