5 Effective Smartphone Charging Tips To Save Your Battery

IMG_3298If there is one feature that I would love to see in the future generation of smartphones , it would be a battery that can last for a life time! This kind of feature, however, is seemingly unobtainable at this moment since there is no such technology yet that will give our smartphones such capabilities. This gave us no choice but to accept the fact that batteries are not FOREVER and we have no other option but to charge them from time to time. For a traveler like me, it my phone has become an integral part of my journey. I need my smartphone so bad in so many ways. I need it for making calls especially in case of emergency and of course I use it for capturing those wonderful scenery. Believe me! I know how devastating it feels like when you run out of battery in the middle of your adventure. Just because the cord of your phone is plugged in correctly and you see those indicators moving up and down doesn’t mean you are doing it all right! There are actually many effective ways to properly charge your phone without hurting your battery and there are also ways to expedite the process of charging. Allow me to list down five of the most effective smartphone charging tips that you are not probably well-aware of.
1.Do Not Use Your Phone While Charging
Every time I bring my phone to a repair shop, there is one particular advice that I used to get from the technician and that is to avoid using my phone while charging. While most people are trying to prove that this is nothing more but a misconception of the mobile device batteries there are still many valid reasons why you should refrain yourself from using the phone while being charged. First of all, it will surely take time for your smartphone to charge since active games or application may consume your battery. Second, it will definitely hurt your batteries as it heats up the phone and it could also swell up the battery which might result to bigger technical problems with your phone. So as much as possible , try to refrain yourself from using the device while on charge!
2. Put Your Phone in Airplane or Flight Mode To Charge Faster
Did you know that you can expedite the process of charging by putting your phone into Airplane or Flight Mode? This is a life hack I learned from my friend and I can attest you that this is indeed an effective smartphone charging tip. This has become a common practice I use when charging my phone and it saves me so much time. They said that charging is four times faster when the phone is in Flight Mode. This is not sorcery or anything and there’s an explanation about it. Enabling the Airplane Mode will turn off all the radio frequencies on your device and considering that you will lost all the connectivity, the battery will not be consumed. The downside of this method, however, is that no one can contact you during the Flight Mode.
3. Pick the Right Cable and Charger
Don’t get me wrong but I am not referring to the charger cable tips here! Just because a phone can recognize a charger doesn’t mean you got the right one. I remember when my cousin stayed with us for a night (he is apparently an engineer), he asked for a charger and when I lend him one, I was intrigued when he read the details encrypted on the adapter first before using it. He told me that he was checking for the Voltage. Although they all look the same, chargers are not created equally and they are made for specific types of devices . If we looked back to our lectures in Science when we were in High school, we should know that charging power is based on power (watts) , current (amps) and voltage (volts) and each type of device will require certain amount based on their size and battery capacity. This explains why using tablet chargers to your smartphone will help you charge your device faster. It is also interesting to note that buying cheap cables will just be a waste of money as they easily get frayed regardless of how careful you are. The materials used for these cables are not just durable enough to last for long. It is ideal to stick with those cables originally provided by your smartphone manufacturer or better yet look for those newly in-demand magnetic cables.

I recently came across with this Magneto Magnetic Cable online and allow me to explain how this magnetic cable works. Fraying cables is one of the things we really do not want to happen. When cables break, there were times that you need to find a right position in order for the charger to be recognized by your device. In this case, we used to settle in few quick yet temporary solution. We either wrap the frayed part with electrical tape or sometimes we take advantage of those colorful cable protectors. Magnetic cables are designed to prevent this kind of scenario. As what the name suggests, you will be provided with a magnetic pin or snap which can be attached to the charging port of your phone. The magnetic connector can be attached to this snap in no time. Another advantage of this cable aside from its fast charging capability is that it avoids violent plugging and prevent any physical damage to your phones charging port.

4. Do Not Overcharge or Over Drain Your Battery
Most of you might find  that 100% Full Battery Charge a littler rewarding but did you know that smartphone users are encouraged not to overcharge their phone. Although most phones today have this so-called integrated circuitry that stop the charging automatically once the battery reaches that 100%. You might have heard of that 40-80 rule in charging which encourages smartphone users to stop charging when the phone reaches between 40-80 percent. The battery becomes weaker after a certain number of recharge cycles and when we say “Cycle” that means a battery was charged from 0-100. This is why recharging your device from 0 percent to only 50 or less than 80 percent instead, you’re actually tripling or quadrupling the number of recharges the battery can undergo before it’s kicked. Same thing is applied when you drain your battery to 0. It also affects the lifespan of your battery.

5. Take Advantage of the Power Saving Modes
Smartphone manufacturers are very much aware of these battery issues that’s why most of the newly released smart phones come up with this so-called Battery Power Saving modes that allows you to save battery usage in case the charge is about to run out. Power Saving modes are programmed to extend your battery life which is very useful in case of emergency. In my case, my phone has 3 Power Saving setting; The Power Saving, the Super Power Saving and the Ultra Power Saving modes. Each will limit some of your phone features to save your battery and extend its life just when you need it. I benefited from this setting many times especially if I am coming back from work. When my battery is about to run out, i will just activate one of the Power Saving Mode so I can still use my phone without consuming much of the battery.

I hope you guys find these tips helpful because I can prove to you that everything on this list are personally tested and experienced and i find them very handy all the time.

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14 thoughts on “5 Effective Smartphone Charging Tips To Save Your Battery”

  1. Diidy says:

    Good Good and helpful tips.
    I always overcharging my phone..

  2. Kim says:

    This is so helpful, my photo battery has started crapping out on me after two years so when I get my new phone all of these will be put into play.

  3. If I’m in a rush I try to charge my phone in aeroplane mode as it does go a lot quicker x

  4. I am guilty of using my phone when it is charging which is really bad for its battery life. It is because I have wireless headphones that connect to my phone so I listen to music while it is charging and at the same I am blogging on my computer x

  5. Ana Ojha says:

    These are some great helpful tips! I didn’t know about faster charging on Airplane mode! Can’t wait to try!

  6. Shirley says:

    These are the so useful tips they are really helpful when we are travelling. I will take care not to overcharge the battery.

  7. I really could use a reminder. I’m guilty of using my phone while charging. I just can’t seem to let go. Hahaha! Plus, I sometimes overcharge or over drain it. My gosh! That explains why my phones last only up to two years.

  8. This has been a very useful post read for me as I have constant charging problems with my phone. I am always using my phone while it is charging and it tends to go crazy when I do so. Also the tip for putting it on flight mode to charge faster is great. Thanks!

  9. My phone is always dying, due to the hard usage, but an excellent tip on the aeroplane mode.

  10. I had never heard about setting the phone to airplane mode before charging. My only problem is that I suually charge at bedtime so I canot stop it in the middle of the night just to uncharge my phone.

  11. jared's mum says:

    Great tips! I am most guilty of not taking care of my smartphone’s battery as I almost always drain them. Must be the reason why my Asus just went dead after only more than a year of use. I am now being careful with my new phone and make sure I charge it before the battery drains. I will work on leaving it alone while it charges and placing it on airplane mode while charging.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Pia says:

    Very useful tips! I’m super guilty of overcharging and not using my phone while it’s plugged. Will try to avoid that in the future. You got me interested in getting those magnetic cables!! Will look for one!

  13. You got great tips. I just learned that it will be helpful to charge in an Airplane mode. I agree with every tips but I am also guilty with using my phione while charging but not anymore since I also wanted the batt life of my phone to live long. Moreover, the magneto magnetic charger is too cool.

  14. Carola says:

    I wish had a battery that would never go empty haha. I always need to charge my battery because I use my smartphone a lot. So really, any tips are useful for me. The first one is very useful already. I always use my phone when it’s charging. I had no clue I shouldn’t do that. And I must admit I also overcharge.. Just to keep it on 100 as long as I can. Thanks for tips!

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