A Trip To Binondo : Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz

P2073009tI was with my mom when we arrived in Binondo and we are set to wait for my brother who will be coming from his work in Makati. After the mass, we decided to wait for him in Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz. It is actually a very small plaza located on the center Binondo.
P2073011ttThe plaza has been there ever since and much like the Binondo Church, this place also has a huge historical significance. Before earning the name of Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz, it was once called the Plaza De Binondo. The name was later changed to Plaza Carlos IV after Charles IV of Spain and eventually changed its name again to Plaza Calderón de la Barca (often shortened to Plaza Calderón), after the famous Spanish playwright.P2073001t In September 12, 1981 by the virtue of Batas Pambansa, the plaza was renamed and this time, it is for the honor of San Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint.P2072972tThe plaza has an ellipse shape with a fountain on each end. The plaza is paved with granite tiles and multicolored interlocking concrete bricks, similar to Plaza Miranda in Quiapo.
P2073000tThe fountain near the Binondo ChurchP2073007tThe identical fountain on the other side. Aside from the huge trees and fountains, you will also encounter some notable historical markers on the plaza and some of them are already centuries old.P2073004tOne of the most notable markers here is the statue of San Lorenzo Ruiz which was repositioned last 2005 so the statue will face the Binondo Church. P2073008tBehind the statue of Lorenzo Ruiz is a memorial to Chinese Filipino victims of World War II erected in 1995 by the Confederation of Filipino Chinese Veterans. P2073006tOn the other end, you’ll find an obelisk built in memory of Tomas Pinpin, the first Filipino printer. It was built in 1916 in Plaza Cervanted and was moved to Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz in 1979.P2073012ttNear the plaza, you’ll find some calesa that can tour you around Binondo. I actually want to give it a try but capacity of the calesa is not good enough for the four of us so we took a Tricycle ride to Seng Guan Temple instead. But before the Seng Guan, we decided to search for a small chapel in Camba St first.

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4 thoughts on “A Trip To Binondo : Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz”

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    It’s really nice to visit Binondo since it really has the old Manila vibe in it.

  2. Cai says:

    Nice photos. I can’t remember the last time i went to binondo. Hoping to see it cleaner on my next visit.

  3. Jojo Vito says:

    wow, I would always visit the place each time I’m in Manila…I just didn’t have the time to see and take photos of the Binondo church

  4. Debarpan says:

    Binondo seems a nice place to have a trip,I like that calesa especially.You did great photography here in your article as well.

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