A Trip To Binondo : The Binondo Church

P2072951ttI’ve been to Binondo several times but this is my first time to explore it thoroughly. My original plan is to avail Mr Ivan Man Dy’s Old Manila Walk Tours since I know nothing about Binondo and the places that are worth-visiting on that place. Upon doing some research, I realized that there are certain places in Binondo that I really want to visit yet they are unfortunately not part of Ivan’s tour so I decided to make my own itinerary (thanks to Google Map). Although the tour is more like a Food trip, I made sure to include Churches on my itinerary.P2072947ttWe started our trip by attending a mass in Binondo Church. The church is also known as the Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz (the first Pinoy saint) or Our Lady of The Most Holy Rosary. Interestingly, the church was founded by Dominican priests in 1596 to serve their Chinese converts to Christianity. he original building was destroyed in 1762 by British bombardment. A new granite church was completed on the same site in 1852 however it was greatly damaged during the Second World War, with only the western façade and the octagonal belfry surviving. Since the church is near in Chinese community, the masses here are held in Filipino, Mandarin, Hokkien, and English.P2072951ttrEven though the church has been destroyed many times by the natural calamities, it is very interesting to note that the bell tower is the only original part that remained the original 16th century structure but they managed to retain the classic architectureP2072960tA marker outside the church to indicate the history of the church’s reconstruction and the people who are involved to the said projectP2072962tAnother historical marker outside the Binondo Church20160207_065802tThe church has a very interesting interior. The paintings are very overwhelming and so as the altar (the picture above is the church’s nave)20160207_065931tThe church walls has a shade of pink and the ceiling is adorned with huge paintings depicting the scenes from the four mysteries of the Holy Rosary which is very much appropriate knowing that the church is under the patronage of Our Lady of the Most Holy RosaryZZXCDSXThe paintings on the ceiling depicting some parts of the Glorious Mystery20160207_075816tThe very unique Altar of Binondo Church. Unlike the typical retablo, this one is designed to look like another church facade. It was like a Mini church inside a church. Based on how it looks, you can clearly tell that the altar is loosely based from the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican20160207_075856tThe image of San Lorenzo Ruiz. Binondo Church serves as his main Shrine. It is also nice to note that Saint Lorenzo Ruiz was trained in this church before he went to Japan for a mission
20160207_080008tAnother Marian image that caught my attention. It is the image of Our Lady of Biglang Awa or Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Nuestra Señora del Pronto Socorro). Interestingly, the image can only be found in two major cathedrals. One in Binondo Church and the other one in Immaculate Conception in Boac Marinduque.P2072967tAn image of Jesus in his cross near the church’s adoration chapelZDSWEDROh by the way, I also spotted Mr Ivan Dy outside the church. I was planning to ask him for a Selfie but I decided not to because I’m too shy to approach him .. sigh! He seems really friendly though (he’s the one in Skyblue shirt with yellow collar)

Next Stop : San Lorenzo Ruiz Plaza

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13 thoughts on “A Trip To Binondo : The Binondo Church”

  1. Jonathan says:

    The curch is where my best colleague held her wedding so looking at this post and these pictures bring back good memories.

  2. never heard about it before but it sounds an interesting place

  3. Fred says:

    Thanks for this blog. Binondo Church is really beautiful

  4. Nerdy Ninja says:

    Wow. Binondo church’s interiors look majestic and peaceful. I wish I could go there someday. Nice blog and shots by the way! 🙂

  5. Ronalene says:

    I’ve been to binondo when I was a little kid. I didn’t know that there are few churches in the area. My memory of binondo only includes siopao, champoy, gold jewelries and chinese medicines. Too bad! *sigh*

  6. I have never been to Binondo church, but WOW! How did you edit these pics? They look so wonderful and alive! Ang ganda! 🙂 I hope to visit this church in the future.

  7. Kati Balayan says:

    Going DIY on any tour is still the best since you can be flexible on the schedule and the places you can go to. Never been inside the Binondo Church though, mostly kain lang kasi kami when we go there :P.

  8. Cheryl F. says:

    I’ve never been to Binondo but saw photos of the church. It is really beautiful. The painting on the ceilings are superb.

  9. Jessica says:

    Last time i went inside this church was 4 years ago. Glad to see it again through your photos. Still looks fascinating. 😉

  10. Lester says:

    Wow. The paintings on the ceiling can rival those of the Sistine Chapel. Thanks for sharing this. Hispanic architecture never seizes to amaze me!

  11. Joy Perito-Priginal says:

    GaNda! I think its time for me to visit that church.

  12. alaine says:

    Binondo is picture perfect! Very colorful and most of…a food haven! Missing Binondo right now.

  13. Deks says:

    I always see this church whenever I go to Divisoria but didn’t have the chance to really visit it. Hope to do so real soon. Love the shots you have here! 🙂


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