A Visit To Kamay Ni Hesus : The Holy Family Park


Today, I will start off my Kamay Ni Hesus series. We went to Lucban Quezon a week ago to visit the famous Kamay Ni Hesus, a pilgrim site which is known for the Via Dolorosa Grotto featuring a 50 Ft image of the Ascending Christ and also the healing done administered by Rev Fr Joseph Faller, a well-known healing priest. It was a long ride all the way from Cavite to Lucban (a long and curvy ride actually). We managed to get there around 7 am and we were 2 hours ahead from the mass, enough time to explore the places near the church. I decided to climb the Grotto after the mass so I took time exploring the park near the church.P2203460tAside from the Grotto, there are many other attractions to Kamay Ni Hesus including the “Luklukan Ni Maria” a park with a huge image of Mary and also the Garden Of Eden where the life-sized Noah’s Ark can be found. There is also a huge park near the healing church that features various life-sized Marian images and Saints. I’m not really sure if this is part of their so-called Holy Family Park. The image above features the Kamay Ni Hesus Mass schedule. The Grotto is open from Mondays to Sundays but in different time frame (check the image above for your reference. P2203462tThe Divine MercyP2203461yOur Lady of FatimaP2203467tOur Lady of GuadalupeP2203469tOur Lady of Perpetual HelpP2203470tOur Lady of The Most Holy RosaryP2203472tOur Lady of The Most Holy RosaryP2203473tOur Lady of SorrowsXZFVDSFDGMary Mother Of GodZDSFSFSFFGOur Lady of PeñafranciaP2203477tOur Lady of PeñafranciaP2203482tAnother huge image in the park is the image of Our Lady of Mount CarmelP2203483tYou can easily spot her image even from afar not just because it is huge but it is also elevated from the ground.P2203486tThe Image of Mount Carmel is also few walks away from the image of La Pieta.P2203487tUnlike other images in this park, the Pieta is the only one closer to the original masterpiece of Michelangelo Buonarroti which is displayed in St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican.P2203478tThe Chapel and the Grotto from Holy Family Park. The park also houses the Prayer Room and the Retreat Center and Infirmary.P2203480tA random shot from the park ^_^

Next Entry : The Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Dome

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