After Christmas

It was a very tiring yet exciting day yesterday. We really had a great time celebrating Christmas Eve. My nieces and nephews went to visit me and of course, I gave them my gifts. It’s been a tradition to me to buy something for them every Christmas day and it is such a wonderful feeling to see them smile the moment they open their presents. Well Christmas is not just about giving or exchanging gifts, of course we offer this very special day to pay tribute to the day when Jesus Christ was born and in my very own special way of giving presents to my nieces and nephews, I somehow feel the real spirit of Christmas. But on the other side of everything, I must admit that I spent more than my usual spending this year and now, I think my budget is not enough to cover the rest of my expenses. Well, I think I’m gonna apply for one of those instant online payday loans again. Since I have to wait for few more weeks before my salary day, I have no choice but to get cash advance from this online lending companies. It will sure help me with the rest of my expenses for the next two weeks…. Sobs

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