Back To Baguio With Mama

Last December, my mom and I decided to visit Baguio. It was actually her first time and she had been wanting to visit this place for quite a long time. As an early Christmas treat, I decided to take her with me for a quick day tour so she can finally experience how it’s like to be in Baguio (we could have stayed longer though).  For the second time, I availed another Package tour from Bakasyonista (they hosted my Trip to Tanay Rizal last year too — Check : A Day Trip To Tanay).

It was a quick day tour but we were able to visit some of the most notable Baguio destinations. They also included some spots in Baguio that I failed to visit during my recent Panagbenga tour.  December is actually an ideal time to visit Baguio City as the temperature is somehow tolerable compare to January and February (Baguio City records their lowest temperature last month which went down to freaking 6.3 ° Celsius).

Anyway, without any further ado, here’s a quick prologue to my recently concluded Back To Baguio (with Mama) tour!

“Strawberry Farm”
20161218_065648tStrawberyy Farm in La Trinidad Benguet was actually part of my Panagbenga Trip last year but it never failed to amaze me.  The strawberries were not as abundant when we get there though compare to what I have seen last February (2016). Since we made it as our first destination and we arrived there around 6 am, it was fun seeing those vapor coming out from your mouth (parang nasa-states lang lol).

“Camp John Hay”
IMG_1751tWe got a very limited time so we didn’t get the chance to explore the Camp John Hay in a full extent but I’m glad I finally saw a brief part of it. Camp John Hay is one of Bagiuo’s most popular destinations and it has so many attractions to offer including their golf course, the bell house and ampitheater, the tree top adventure, the cemetery of the negativism, the butterfly garden and more

“Botanical Garden”IMG_1763tAfter our quick tour in Camp John Hay, we headed to another popular destination in Baguio, the Botanical Garden. As what the title of the place suggests, this will welcome you in such huge garden. You’ll spot an overwhelming colorful and aromatic flowers almost everywhere. Not to mention some fun and entertaining attractions including the Igorot Costume rentals and photo booth and various themed landscapes.

” St Joseph The Worker Parish”
20161218_101953tI was really happy when they told us that they will take us to the Baguio Cathedral since I have been longing to visit that church but to my dismay, it seems like our tour coordinator was not knowledgeable enough. They take us to St Joseph The Worker Parish which i really don’t mind at all (I just love including a church in any of my itinerary). What disappoints me is that they guided us here while telling us that we were already in Cathedral (they could have done a research first)

“Wright Park / Mansion”IMG_1812tAfter a quick visit to St Joseph The Worker Parish, we were taken to another popular destination in Baguio, the Wright Park and also the Mansion. The pool of pines is really beautiful but I noticed that I can barely spot a sunflower much like what I have seen last year. Maybe it’s not their seasons yet. My mom and I enjoyed our quick tour outside the Mansion. The landscape were adorned by Christmas decorations and you can spot so many Poinsettia  flowers almost everywhere! Of course, we also took the opportunity to explore the Wright Park.

“Mines View Park”
20161218_140723tA Baguio Trip will not be  completed without visiting the Mines View Park. Despite of such overwhelming crowd, Mines View is absolutely a sight to behold. It is also the ideal destination to buy your pasalubong and it is also just few walks away from the Good Shepherd. (Check : What Are the things You Should Buy When Visiting Baguio City)

“Burnham Park”
20161218_160354tSo we concluded our tour by visiting the Burnham Park. I was supposed to visit this park during my Panagbenga Trip but since most roads in Baguio were not accessible that time, we didn’t get the chance to drop by. My mom and I were so tired but we decided to make few walks and embrace the beauty of this popular destination in Baguio.

Much like I always do, I will provide a detailed and separate entry for each destination.  For the mean time, feel free to watch this video summary below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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