Baler Escapade : Ampere Beach of Dipaculao

Our Baler Escapade started pretty rough because the weather wasn’t really good. We were supposed to hit the beach and the falls on the first day but none of them pushed through because of the weather. I actually thought that everything will be ruined since our original itinerary was completely changed. It weather may not be so accommodating to us but we actually had a great start. We were taken briefly to the magnificent scenery offered by the so-called Ampere Beach. IMG_0029tAmpere Beach  is located in Dipaculao which is almost an hour away from Baler. Topographically, Ampere Beach is not a kind of beach where people can go for a swim but the site is something you can marvel.
20161119_100835tThe panaromic view of Ampere Beach20161119_100234tHere, you’ll enjoy the picturesque scenery of the stone shore and those amazing rock formations where massive waves are crashing. The place is notable for those smooth rocks that vary in sizes and shape. You must be very cautious with your steps though because these are real hard rocks so any wrong step may put you in danger.20161119_101142tIMG_0008tIt was just a quick stop-over and Ampere beach is just located along the road on the first place. The first thing you’ll notice here is the isolated rock formation located not too far from the stone shore. This is not just a rock formation but a small cave which is better known as the Okoton Cave.IMG_0017tOkoton Cave has become an ideal spot for locals to determine the condition of the weather. They can forecast the weather and determine its intensity through the waves crashing and passing through the cave. When the weather is too intense and harsh, the sound of the splash can almost be compared to the sound of an explosion.IMG_0026tThe clear and bluish water of Ampere Beach might be very tempting but the people were not really encourage to go here for a swim as the waves are too strong and it would be very risky as well. It is a perfect spot for sight-seeing though especially during the sunset or sun rise!20161119_100812tWe could have caught that Instagram-worthy sunrise view of the Ampere beach but it was drizzling that time so we were all greeted with foggy and gloomy scenery. It wasn’t really bad though and I think it was a great sight to start our Baler escapade.
IMG_0020tThings to consider when visiting Ampere Beach
► You must be extra cautious with your steps here and I’m sure no one wants to stumble on those hard rocks!
► It is very ideal to wear trekking shoes or any footwear that has strong grip and is not slippery.
► There is no entrance fee to Ampere Beach
► You can reach Ampere Beach from Sabang Beach of Baler via boat ride (with fee)

How to Get to Ampere Beach
►Ampere Beach is approximately an hour travel from the town proper of Baler. From Baler town proper, you can either take a tricycle going to Sabang Beach and from there, hire a motorized banca going to the site or hire a tricycle and take the direct land travel going to the beach.

Where to Stay in Baler?
Knowing that Baler is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, finding a place to stay here is not really a big challenge but of course, it would be ideal and less hassle to book your reservations as early as possible. There are many budget hotels, transient houses and of course those luxury hotels to stay in. You can check our list of hotels in Baler and see which one suits your budget

After a quick visit to Ampere Beach, we headed to Maria Aurora to witness the enormous Millennium Balete Tree and I am going to share it in my next entry.

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