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After spending some time in Balete Park (Check : Baler Escapade : The Enchanting Balete Tree of Aurora), we finally headed to Baler. Since it was raining and it is not possible to go for a swim, our Tour Guide decided to utilized the time we have so we went to the Baler Plaza and explored all the nearby landmarks and notable destinations as possible. I realized that all notable places in Baler are just few blocks away from each other. Once you reached the plaza, you can go start exploring one place to another just by walking.IMG_0161tIt was raining and it was a perfect timing for us that our next destination is an indoor attraction. Museo De Baler isn’t that big. It is basically a two story building that displays various artifacts and paintings about the history of the province.IMG_0121tIMG_0118tThe museum is relatively new and the first thing that will catch your attention is the building’s unique facade which is adorned with intricately detailed cold cast mural depicting various historical events associated with Baler.IMG_0136tIMG_0130tIMG_0168tThe mural is sculpted by Toym Imao, the son of the National Artist Abdulmari Imao (some of his masterpiece were displayed in National Museum including the Sarimanok – Check A Day At National Museum of The Philippines). The image above seemingly depicts the inauguration of Manuel Quezon as the first president of the Commonwealth.IMG_0174tBaler and most of its history is usually wired to Spanish Period. The mural was said to be dedicated to the Youth of Baler so that they will always remember and strive to emulate the valor, self reliant, and quiet heroism of their ancestors. The museum was commissioned by former senate president Edgardo Angara who was also born in Baler.

What’s Inside the Museo De Baler?
IMG_0183tLike I said, the Museum will showcase various historical artifacts, paintings and other memorabilia that are associated to Baler’s rich history.  As of this moment, the entrance fee to Museo De Baler is Php30 which also includes a tour to Doña Aurora House which is located nearby.20161119_140556tThe two story building is divided into different portions. Each has their own theme.

“Dia De Galeon”IMG_0228tThe right portion of the first floor is called “Dia Del Galeon” or The Day of the Galleon which features various Spanish related artifacts.IMG_0188tA Mini Replica of the Galleon.Spanish Galleons are mainly used as trading ships and cargoes during the Spanish Era. IMG_0191tSome old artifacts on displayIMG_0201tIMG_0200tIMG_0205tThe Baler Noon at Ngayon Photo Gallery (Baler Now and Then Gallery)

“Serafico”IMG_0249tThe left side of the lower ground is divided into three section, the one near the entrance is called “Serafico” which displays different memorabilia in relation with the Franciscan Missionaries. If we will look back in history, the town of Baler (initially just a settlement) was founded by Fransiscan missionaries.IMG_0210tI’m not sure about this one but it seems like a replicated and enlarged copy of a Census. IMG_0242tIMG_0213tA Taxidermy of Philippine Eagle on displayIMG_0207tLocated beside the Serafico Gallery is a Photo Booth section. You can borrow their signboards, wooden rifles, helmets and more.IMG_0231tBeside the photo booth is a section that showcases everything about the Baler Movie.20161119_135657tYou’ll also find a huge portrait of Manuel Quezon.20161119_140015tAn old book written in Spanish entitled “El Nuevo Juanito”20161119_140321tPosters for each gallery inside the Museo De BalerIMG_0209tA 46 year old Bell on display20161119_140356tThe second floor will focus more on paintings and various memorabilia. Here’s a painting entitled “Pista At Pasinaya Sining Silangan” dated 200520161119_140413tAnother colorful and meaningful painting that will welcome you as you reach the second floo of the building. 20161119_140706t

“Portraits of Fortitude”
20161119_140953tA huge painting entitled Portraits of Fortitude which basically depicts some of the historical events that took place in the town of Baler.20161119_140742tAlso spotted this interesting portrait of Diguisit BeachIMG_0219tJust below the long portrait of Fortitude lies this interesting peace of art. It is a log with various carved images on it.20161119_140625t20161119_140649tYou’ll notice these Spanish memorabilia too!20161119_141225tIMG_0151tJust in front of the Museum is a monument dedicated to the former president Manuel Quezon. IMG_0147t You’l also find a replica of their old Nipa House not too far from the museum. Manuel L Quezon was the first Filipino to head a government of the entire Philippines and is considered to have been the second president of the Philippines, after Emilio Aguinaldo. His wide Aurora Aragon was considered as the second first lady of the Philippines but the first spouse of a Philippine president to be called as such. She was one of the most adored First Lady of the Philippines due to her humanitarian activities. No wonder why the province itself is named after her.
After a quick historical tour to Museo De Baler, We headed to another historical site, the house of Doña Aurora!

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Museo De Baler
►The Museo De Baler Entrance fee is Php30 (this includes a tour to Doña Aurora House)
►The museum is open from 8Am to 5pm Everyday
►The Museum is relatively small but definitely worth checking with whether you are a history-inclined or not.
►There are free accessible restrooms inside the museum
►30 to 45 minutes are good enough to explore the museum
►Costumes and props in Photobooth are free to use

How to Get to Museo De Baler
►You can actually ride a Transit bus from Cubao via Genesis Bus which will take you directly to Baler. These airconditioned buses has daily trips from 3Am to 7:30 Am with 6-7 hours travel time. The fare would cost you around Php550-600 per head.
►Once you reach the Baler town proper or the Baler Plaza, you can explore all the nearby destinations such as Museo De Baler, Doña Aurora House, Baler Church and the public market as well.

Where to Stay in Baler?
Knowing that Baler is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, finding a place to stay here is not really a big challenge but of course, it would be ideal and less hassle to book your reservations as early as possible. There are many budget hotels, transient houses and of course those luxury hotels to stay in. You can check our list of hotels in Baler and see which one suits your budget

Our next destination is the ancestral house  of Doña Aurora Aragon and I will share more details on my next entry.

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