Kawit by Night / Aguinaldo Shrine Christmas Light Show and Las Tiendas

Caviteños do not have to travel all the way to Makati just to witness the 2016 Ayala Triangle Christmas Festival of Lights because they can finally witness the same spectacular light show not in Manila but in Kawit.  Although they have been doing the show for the previous years, this time, they made it even better and grander. This year, The Aguinaldo Shrine has become the centerpiece of the Christmas Festivities in Kawit. There’s the much awaited Maytinis Festival which is being celebrated a day before the Christmas Day and now, people from different towns of Cavite have another reason to visit the place at night due to the daily Christmas light show.
20161216_194026tThe Tirona Highway is now being illuminated by these bright and colorful Christmas lights which surrounds the entire Aguinaldo Park (Check : Exploring Aguinaldo Shrine : Aguinaldo Park). It is pretty normal by day but it instantly transform into a blissful environment by night. It is not surprising why people from different towns of Cavite are visiting this place every night to witness the spectacular display of dazzling lights.20161216_194356tThese are not just typical display of lights. They did not just hang these Christmas light decors just to illuminate the park but these lights are brilliantly engineered. They are dancing to the tune of different jolly Christmas songs. They are wonderfully synchronized with the music, changing from one color to another. It was really a beautiful scenery to behold.20161216_194630t20161216_185559tWith such amazing festivity of lights and display that will surely put everyone in awe, it seems like Kawit is no longer just a place to discover Cavite’s rich history but also establishing itself as a Christmas destination (inviting not just people from nearby towns but also those from Manila).20161216_185421t20161216_185354tThe 8pm “Simbang Gabi” was also held in the Aguinaldo Park just beside the Monument in front of the mansion (Check : Aguinaldo Shrine) while the traditional Misa De Gallo (Dawn Mass) is being done in Saint Mary Magdalene Parish.20161216_200057tMary Magdalene Parish in Kawit by Night (Check : Saint Mary Magdalene Church of Kawit)
If you think, that’s all, then you’re wrong because located within the Aguinaldo Park is a food bazaar called “Las Tiendas” which is basically a Spanish for “The Stores”.
“Las Tiendas”
20161216_182538tLas Tiendas is basically a food bazaar, a compilation of different stalls selling wide range of dishes and beverages. There’s really so many dishes to choose from. It’s a special Christmas project by the government of Kawit to add more fun this holiday and to give Kawiteños a reason to go out and hang out with their family and friends.20161216_182621t

20161216_182739tI wasn’t able to take shots of all the stores but I captured some of those who caught my attention and those that made us drool.

“ADM’s Ribs”
20161216_183022tFirst on our “must-try” list are these mouth watering juicy meats from ADM’s Ribs! They’re claiming to offer the best ribs in Cavite. 20161216_183149tThese meaty ribs are surprisingly affordable. Their so-called Riblets can be bought for Php100 (with Rice and Leche Plan) and they also offer combo meals for as low as Php110. (FB Page : ADMs Ribs)

“The Fruit Bar”
20161216_18334020161216_183349tThe Fruit Bar will quench your thirst with their refreshing ice fruit blend. I personally enjoyed their Watermelon Ice blend. They can be purchased for as low as 65Php. They are made with real fruits and with less sugar added!

“Hashtag Barbeque”
20161216_183517t20161216_183724t20161216_183613t20161216_183636tFor grilled sea foods and street foods, this is a place to hit when visiting Las Tiendas.

Daichi Don
20161216_183758t20161216_183837tIf you are up for a Japanese dishes, Daichi Don is the perfect store for you. They offer different variety of Ramen such as Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Tantanmen. Their real branch is located at Brgy Balsahan Covelandia Kawit Cavite (FB Page : Daichi Don)

J’ Bagnet
20161216_184000tIf you are a big fan of this original Ilocano recipe! Their real shop is located in Jupiter Camella Homes in Bacoor Cavite (FB Page: JBagnets)

Shawarma Everyone? I love their Shawarma Rice too

“Mang Jose’s Rolling Kitchen”
20161216_184240t20161216_184323t20161216_184344tA restaurant that will soon invade Kawit teased us with their mouthwatering dishes. They got an interesting theme and I drooled over their meaty dishes too. I’m looking forward to their soon-to-open resto in Kawit! (FB Page : Mang Jose’s Rolling Kitchen)

4 thoughts on “Kawit by Night / Aguinaldo Shrine Christmas Light Show and Las Tiendas

  • January 2, 2017 at 9:32 am

    We sincerely appreciate your Blog ….God Bless you and I wish you the best in your endeavours

    This is Chato Solis , one of the organizers of Las Tiendas.

    • January 6, 2017 at 8:02 pm

      Hi. Is the aguinaldo shrine continous its lightening show until now? We are planning to go tomorrow night. Your responce is highly appreciated.

      • January 7, 2017 at 1:46 am

        Hi Rachel Ann Talan
        Thanks for dropping by
        Yes, I spoke to one of their organizers and yes, the light show is still on going so you can still catch it by tomorrow night! Enjoy ^_^

    • March 3, 2017 at 10:50 pm

      Hi Ms. Chato,

      I just like to inquire if you still have available slots in Las Tiendas?
      We are interested to join if you still have openings.
      If you can send us the details such as how much, size, how long will this food bazaar will run, etc.
      Thank you very much and God Bless

      Jo Satorre


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