How Best Can You Store Your Coffee?

Wondering how different storing coffee is from beans? Where and how can coffee be stored and protected? How can you store it and how long does stored coffee last? Well, the following are some of the tips that can help coffee lovers to best care for their coffee beans:

Top 5 Tips To Proper Coffee Storage

1. Freezing Coffee Beans

It is okay to get tips online on how to freeze coffee beans. However, coffee beans can thrive naturally. Freezing coffee beans prevents the chemical process. When frozen, they are kept under certain humidity. Therefore, freezing is not the best way of storing coffee, especially long-term.
Freezing coffee beans is ideal only for short-term storage. The beans completely thaw after being removed from the freezer. Moreover, frozen coffee absorbs moisture even when stored in airtight tins.

2. Store Coffee Beans In Cool Airtight Tins

Light, air, moisture, and heat are the worst nightmares to coffee bean storage. A good way to store the beans is keeping them at room temperature, in airtight containers away from light or in a dark place. The aromatic taste of coffee is what makes it stand out from other beverages.
Therefore, avoid storing coffee beans in clear containers because they may attract light. Furthermore, they stand to lose their aromatic taste. Airtight storage canisters are the best packaging materials for coffee beans.

3. Purchase The Right Amount Of Coffee

Buy any quantity of coffee beans, but make sure it’s consumed within four weeks after storage. Before buying a large quantity of the beans note that it must be used within the third or fourth week after unsealing from storage.
Portion pre-ground coffee into smaller containers for storage. If exposed to oxygen, the pre-ground coffee is bound to lose its aromatic taste fast.

4. Store Coffee Using Quality Equipment

The freshness of coffee is a top priority during storage. Therefore, find a good place to place the tins containing the coffee for storage. Coffee stales fast if the storage material used is made of paper. Foil gusseted is the most protective bag recommended for storing coffee beans or ground coffee.
On the inside of the bag, is an extra aluminum foil meant to hinder moisture and air from getting to the coffee.
33845041166_1ab8fd557b_o(this is a Robusta Coffee or popularly known in Mindanao as Kape Dulangan)

5. Grind your Own Coffee Beans

Coffee starts to lose its taste quickly the moment it is grounded. Brewing a delicious cup of coffee can only be achieved when the roast taste is preserved. The taste and scent of coffee is what determines its freshness. What is sealed inside the coffee bean is what is needed, that is, the oils and delicious flavors.
Grinding coffee beans right before brewing prevents it from contamination. When ground, the beans attract things from its surrounding, including moisture. Therefore, brew immediately after grounding the coffee beans.
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