Treasure of SOX Travel And Trade Expo in Glorietta

20170404_184224tThe tourism in the north (Batanes in particular) is starting to boom, the regions in the south is starting to generate attention as well. Region 12 (the central Mindanao) or better known as the SOCCSKSARGEN is probably your next Philippine destination and they got so much to offer. SOCCSKSARGEN is basically an accronym which stands for SOuth Cotabato, Cotabato,  Sultan Kudarat, Saranggani and General Santos City.
Interestingly, you do not have to go that far yet just to taste their well known products because there’s currently an ongoing “Treasure of SOX” Travel and Trade Expo in Glorietta Activity Center.  It is a five day event which started last April 3 and today marks their last day.  Today’s highlight is the “Flavor of SOX” presentation which features the Hinugyaw Cultural Dance Troupe and also the closing ceremony that will conclude this event.
20170404_183256tI went here on Monday. I actually had an event to attend but I decided to take a quick peek. 20170404_183334tThe first thing that took my attention are these mannequins sporting some strange outfits. I have learned that these are some unique designs by a renown Filipino contemporary artists Leeroy New. He named it as “Aliens of Manila“. Aliens of Manila: is a collection of New’s experiments with sculpture and fashion using found objects and industrial materials. These pieces have been used as costumes for theatrical performances and exhibited as wearable sculptures.20170404_182435tThe expo highlights a lot of farm products from the south. These Dark chocolates from Kablon Farm is truly intriguing. They got distinctive flavors to try on.20170404_182444t20170404_182444tA handy bag made from coconut shells! Fascinating!20170404_182505tWooden flutes20170404_182611t20170404_182627tHow about these fresh mangoes?20170404_182644tOr these famous Tuna Dayok (intestine of Tuna)?20170404_182709tPure honey and dietary supplements20170404_182728tThe Kape Dulangan of Sultan Kudarat20170404_182736t20170404_182744t20170404_182757thandmade products from SOX
20170404_182808t20170404_183001tThey also promote different tourist destinations in SOCCSKSARGEN including the well known Lake Sebu and more

Today marks the last day of the Travel and Trade expo! So go ahead an catch them today at Glorietta Activity Center!

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