Let’s Explore Manila : The Papier Tole Souvenir Shop

20170101_134750tIf there is something I wouldn’t miss buying when traveling, those are the souvenirs. In my case, I always make sure to buy a fridge magnet so that I have something to place at home and something to remind me of my recent escapades.  When we get to Manila, we had a hard time looking for a souvenir shop. Well, we apparently went there on a Holiday (it’s New Year’s Day) so most establishments were closed. Luckily we spotted a very interesting shop just beside the San Agustin church, The Papier Tole Souvenir Shop and I think it is just a perfect place to buy your souvenirs!
20170101_134812tThe Papier Tole Shop is a very unique shop in Intramuros which is as old as the other establishments in this historical place in Manila. The shop is said to be established since 1668. No further details were mentioned though regarding on The Papier Tole Shop’s history. I’m not sure if they have been there in Intramuros prior to the Battle of Manila and how they managed to survive such.20170101_135450tAs what the title of the shop suggests, they cater special crafts, the papier tole, a traditional paper craft which involves cutting out sections taken from identical printed designs and layering these cutouts up using 3D foam squares or silicone glue and make the craft look 3D (thus it is also called as 3D Decoupage).  With our current technology today where 3D prints can be made in an instant, this kind of paper craft method is somehow dying.20170101_135459tThe Papier Tole Shop in Intramuros is not just limited to paper tole crafts, they also cater a wide range of items from postcards, figurines, fridge magnets and a whole lot more but what makes it so special is that almost all the items will feature the historical side of Intramuros and Manila. Prints were merely inspired from different places in the city including the Manila Cathedral, the jeepneys, the calesas, the Rizal park, Manila City hall and a whole lot more!
20170101_135441tStationaries are also one of the common items found in this shop.It is very interesting to note that despite of the small space being occupied by this shop, there’s just too many things to see when you get inside. It cannot accommodate many customers though.20170101_135301tFigurines and many wooden sculptures20170101_135154tFridge Magnets with amazing Intramuros and Manila prints ♥20170101_135057tWall decors and puppets
20170101_135046tNotebooks, planners and stationaries with Manila themes
20170101_134941tWonderfully crafted masks20170101_134907tI’m not really sure what are these wooden toys are called but they were all seemingly inspired or influenced by Chinese. They reminds me of Matryoshka Dolls of Russia

The Papier Tole Souvenir Shop is just located just across the San Agustin Church.

We left Intramuros around 6 pm and we headed to our hotel in Otis. But before sharing you our staycation experience, we have another place to feature, the Fort Santiago!

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