Biggest Loser

I am so excited to watch the first ever Philippine version of “The Biggest Loser” . I’ve been a big fan of this show. Well, literally i am really a big guy and this show serve as my inspiration that there will still hope for someone like me. I am just wondering if the contestants are allowed to take some weight loss pills during the competition. But as far as i know each contestants should try their best to lose weight in a natural way (which includes daily exercise and food diet) and i guess it takes a lot of determination for you to win this game. I wish i could join but i am lucky enough to say that i am not as overweight as them. I guess i just have to take the show as my inspiration and i should better start doing my own ways to lose weight and to get back into shape. Anyway, i am so excited to see who will be the first ever Biggest Loser title holder of the Philippines.

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