Boil, Bake, or Grill but Never Fry

Boil, bake or grill but never fry. This is what being advised to ask by our home economics teacher. I am surprised at the amounts of fried foods most Australians and Britishers eat. Meat, fish, poultry and potatoes saturated in repulsive hot fat. Food cooked this way is unfit for the lowest animal to digest, let alone the sensitive stomach of a human. if you want to avoid heart problems and enjoy better heatlh and longer life, do not eat fatty foods. You can just boil it, bake it or grill the meats, fish and poultry but never ever fry. But if you do not have any choice, you can make use of olive oiul as an alternative for your ordinary cooking oil. One more thing, do not boil the life out of vegetables, you can just stem them. Do not fill up on white bread, rich pastries and highly sugared tea or coffee. Use honey to sweeten beverages.

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