Staying Away From Buffet Part 2

Here’s the last part of out discussion about staying away from buffet. The best way to keep your self away from buffet is do not sit near buffet tables.The sight not to mention the smell, of food is too tempting to resist. Don’t test yourself. Choose a healthier spot.

Exercise is Essential. During the holiday season, we spend a lot of time shopping and attending parties. Holidays do not mean we should also take a break from our exercise regimen. Stick to it! Your schedule is not an excuse to stop being physically active. Shopping can’t be that bad if you use the stairs at the mall or if you do legwork through the bazaar’s labyrinth.

Apart from attending parties, people are also traveling during the Holiday season.raveling can be quite tricky to eat and stay healthy. You want to sample the dishes you don’t have at home. With some dietary planning, you can avoid worrying about extra weight when you get home from that trip.

So that’s it. So i hope you’re now aware about buffet and the weight gain risk it could bring!

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