Buying Christmas Decors

The spirit of Christmas can be felt here in my country as early as September. People started to decorate their houses with those glittering and colorful Christmas decors ; Radio stations started playing Christmas songs; Malls started to offer Holiday discounts to some selected items too. It’s very exciting indeed that’s why I would like to grab this opportunity to buy Christmas decors while the prices are not that high. As a matter of fact, while i was on my way to Cavite City, I found this shop located somewhere in Binakayan where they sell colorful Christmas lanterns.

Interestingly, I also got a photo album brochure from my cousin, showcasing the same lanterns but the prices are quite higher since the items will be delivered right next to your house and there’s no need for you to pick it up personally. Though I am not really sure If I am going to purchase one because my friend is also inviting me to hit the mall this week and look for some Christmas decors.  I might grab that opportunity to look for cheaper yet nice-looking decorations for my house. I am just crossing my fingers that she is not referring to the mall that we visited last month because I wouldn’t dare visit that place again. As far as I remember we spent almost an hour just to fall in line and just to reach the counter area. I’m not really sure but the mall is quite outdated when it comes to their equipments. Their using the old and manual process of managing their sales as if the cashier is inputting the sales using that bulky cash machine. They should have used barcode scanner to expedite the process because if they will do nothing to upgrade their service, they might lose their customers. Anyway, I’m sure you guys have plans this upcoming Holidays too! Have a great and Happy blogging to all!

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