Do You Sing?

I remember being asked by an interviewer before “Do you sing?” and I was like wondering how such question can help me to get the job that I was applying for. It all made sense when a friend told me that singing can help improve someone’s diction and it will somehow enhance your vocabulary (English songs in particular). I actually answered the interviewer that I really can’t sing but I think if i will be given another chance to answer that question I would rather rephrase it and tell him confidently that “Yeah I can sing…. but i can’t sing well” LOL.

I love to sing, honestly but I think i do not have enough skills to sing properly or even hit those high notes. I never sing in front of anyone other than my cousin and siblings. Well according to them, my voice is pretty okay and that is something I am really having doubt with haha. I used to record my own voice  and try to listen to it many times to see how worst it is .

Honestly, I do not have the best voice but I do not have the worst either. I can sing the the song nicely, i can do some runs but I can’t reach high notes or do those impressive falceto just like what I used to see in most Youtube performers. And, above all, I am not so ambitious to think that I am one of them LOL.

My cousin and his band used to record their performance in an amateur recording studio and I also went there last year to witness their performance. It was pretty cool but the studio is not really appealing. They do not even have those mechanisms or equipments to edit those faulty audio or even like those Noise Cancelling Headphones at guitar center for better and more satisfying performance. Anyway, I am not their vocalist but I think they’re still looking for someone to join their band. They will be performing soon in a Cosplay Event and I guess I have to buzz more about it soon.

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