Family Outing at Volets Resorts

Finally, I had this chance to share you our Family Outing held last May. I’ve been through a very busy schedule this past months and not to mention the issues I had with my Internet Service Provider. Good thing, after two months of giving them a non-stop follow ups, someone finally arrived here in my house to fix it. Anyway, I would like to share some photos from our Summer vacation. It’s very rare for me and my family to have such kind of time. Melvin and I decided to set a date for it so everything has been prepared one month ahead. He filed a vacation leave for that day to make sure he’ll get the approval from his superior early and as for me, I just had to fix my schedule and finish every tasks I have before that special day arrives.

Anyway, we went to Volets Resorts located in Dasmari├▒as Cavite. It’s way too far compare to Cherry’s Resorts and Pavilion but it’s truly worthy. ┬áSince we do not have the car, we had to commute and it takes two rides before you can reach the place.
 photo P5120075e_zps1ba80326.jpg

You’ll be welcomed by their big man-made falls. The resort is so big and it has many pools in it including a Wave pool, Lazy pool and some huge slides so there is no reason not to enjoy your stay. I’ve been here once when I was in Grade school as part of our field trip but several wonderful improvements were made that makes it even more fascinating today.
 photo P5120088e_zps08900be6.jpg

It’s a perfect time for my family indeed. Unfortunately my dad can’t be with us due to his physical condition but our Aunt managed to be with us and shared some great moments with my mom. If there is one person who enjoyed this vacation a lot, it my little brother and there is no doubt about it.
 photo P5120086e_zps1986f772.jpg
 photo P5120085e_zps32c051a0.jpg
 photo P5120087e_zpsc6098eda.jpg

We took the Php350-worth cottage which is ideal enough for a group of five to ten people. We brought our own food and snacks courtesy of my mom and my tita who cooked delightful fried chickens alongside with her very own butter gravy *yum yum
 photo P5120119e_zps9cee82ac.jpg
 photo P5120120e_zpsabdfa261.jpg

Mom and Tita sharing their best moments together.
 photo P5120128e_zps2af961bc.jpg

The two mommies in front of the grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe
 photo P5120133e_zps162547b8.jpg

Another funny moment with my mom and tita and yes, they are twerking here LOL
 photo P5120091e_zpse8cc185e.jpg

Milzon enjoying the fountain in one of their kiddie pools
 photo P5120093e_zps08f2b3a4.jpg

My sister with her boyfriend on the Lazy pool. I personally find the Lazy pool more enjoying above the rest hehe

 photo P5120129e_zpse69debb7.jpg

Here’s Melvin and his friend Darren on one of the kiddie pools
 photo P5120137e_zpsdc99ae42.jpg
Another fun moment worthy to share.
 photo Q1010185e_zps8269dd2f.jpg


Since we cannot just leave our cottage unattended, someone else should stay in the table while everybody is enjoying the pool and then wait for his or her replacement. While me and my mom were on the table waiting for the others to arrive, a crew from Mang Inasal is offering this special Halo-Halo. I ordered two but i think it took 45 minutes before it is delivered to us.
 photo P5120192e_zps7d40429b.jpg

With Php250 per head, it is not really that bad. You’ll get more than what you pay for and I wouldn’t mind considering Volets next year. Cheers!

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