Dream Wedding

Have you been to FernBrook? Well it is probably the best wedding garden venue located in Alabang. It is the Latest Brainchild of Al de Veyra. The same visionary that designed and created Fernwood Gardens in Metro North. Well, i was able to attend my friend’s wedding which was held on the same venue and let me telly you guys, i was really stunned by its amazing ambiance.

Well here i snap some photos from that event.

Here’s the outside view of the Church.

Fountain at the entrance.

The Altar

The Bride

One of the Venue’s highlights are the vintage and expensive cars that you can rent.

I’m not good in identifying Vintage cars but this gold plated one is located at the entrance.

I think this is a Bucatti.

Here’s a limousine exclusively used by the couple. I think this is the same type of Limousine that i saw at Limo Portland Rent-a-car Service website last night. This is definitely a dream wedding! but obviously very expensive too! >_<

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