Exploring The Aguinaldo Shrine ~ Part 2

AAAAAAA1 After spending time with Aguinaldo Park, we decided to enter the mansion. It is very interesting to note that the Entrance here is FREE. There is no charge at all and you just have to sign in your names in the outposts located on the main gate. I was looking for a donation box either but I cannot find any. Like I said, this is more like the NEW Aguinaldo Shrine. It underwent renovation since September and they just opened last March and the inauguration of this newly renovated mansion was led by President Benigno Aquino III.
P4211300t (Some historical facts) We are warmly welcomed by the tour guide named “Boulevard”. Well, I thought I didn’t catch his name correctly but I addressed him several times in that name and never corrected me or anything so yeah he’s Manong Boulevard. I think his age is more like in 70 and yet still strong and very articulate in everything he showed us.
P4211298t A bowling Alley inside the mansion. The first floor of the mansion was transformed into a museum, displaying all the memorabilia of the late president. If you have been here before, the first thing that you will notice aside from the rearrangement of the items is that it is now fully air-conditioned.
P4211299t The Vara De Mano (Ceremonial Mace). Ceremonial Mace is a highly ornamented staff of metal or wood was carried before a high official in civic ceremonies intended to represent official’s authority. The reproduction of Emilio Aguinaldo’s Vara De Mano was turned over to PNoy by NHCP Chairman DR Maria Serena Diokno to signal the opening of the Museo Ni Emilio Aguinaldo on March 20, 2015.
P4211301t Personal Effects or privately owned items by Emilio Aguinaldo.
AAABBBCCC A vintage binocular
P4211307t This is an old sword owned by the President after being acquired from Gen. Aguirre in 1986. It was designed by Gen. Ignacio Pawa and was forged here in Cavite. Aguinaldo was a pure Caviteño! He was born in Kawit (previously known as Cavite el Viejo) on March 22, 1869.
P4211308t A diorama showing the Oath Taking in Tanza. This event took place on March 23, 1897.ZZXzZXxz This is one of the most interesting addition to the museum. It is a high tech way to identify the historical events connected to the first phase of Philippine Revolution and where exactly they took place. The list of events were written on the side of the map with buttons that you can click so it will light up on the map.
AAAAAAAB Here’s an interesting fact, the mansion hides a lot of secrets. There are secret compartments everywhere where items can be hid and there are tunnels that will take you to other nearby places in Kawit. This concrete tunnel will actually lead you to Saint Mary Magdalene Church. The tunnel, however, is no longer accessible on both ends as it is already filled with water.
P4211321t A life-sized portrait of the president. Yes, that is already a life size! Emilio Aguinaldo’s height is only 4″11 same with Joze Rizal.
ZZZZazz Emilio Aguinaldo’s Hats and Officer Cap
P4211323t Medals and Badges of the President
P4211327t Medallions and old notes
P4211333t Rayadillo Pants and Shirt
P4211334t Ceremonial Key, Old Trumpet and a box of unused Tobaccos
ZxczZZxz Campaign Materials and Car Plate. Not sure if the Car plate belongs to Aguinaldo’s 1924 Packard Limousine though. Speaking of which, the Packard is no longer here. According to Manong Boulevard, the car was now transferred to PICC. XcXZZZzWeaponry used during the revolution
AAAAAAA1 The huge painting at the back is a new addition to the musuem. The tour guide mentioned something about Barasoain so this must be the Inauguration of the 1899 Philippine Republic in Malolos, Bulacan which took place after the declaration of Independence Day.
P4211342t An old projector
ZZzAzzZ Swords and spears
P4211345t This may seem like a normal boulder of stone but who would have thought that it plays a huge role in history? According to our tour guide, Emilio Aguinaldo used to rest here each time he went from a battle. After touring us in the museum, Manong Boulevard showed us the way to the second floor. It seems like he is just responsible for the first floor so we thanked him for his service. We really appreciate the warm welcome.  The second floor is my favorite part!

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15 thoughts on “Exploring The Aguinaldo Shrine ~ Part 2”

  1. mun says:

    Very informative post. Thank you for all the photos showing us what the museum looks like inside with the displays.

    1. adminblue says:

      thanks for dropping by Mun

  2. stevevhan says:

    Hi Milton, your glee list is cool! puro si kurt ang gusto mo, pansin ko. 🙂

    Naku, gustong gusto ko talagang pumnta jan. Kaya lang sa akin they should’ve kept everything the way it was rathen than converting it into a museum, mas mafefeel mo kasi

    1. adminblue says:

      Rachel Berry is actually my favorite character followed by Brittany but what I like about Kurt is his distinctive voice ^_^
      Yung second floor ng mansion is the best part Steve… they display each rooms and leave them as it is

  3. visited aguinaldo shrine almost 3 years ago, no hi-tech map that time yet. just the same, a lot to read/learn from there…

    1. adminblue says:

      thanks for dropping by… there are few additions in the museum yet some were also taken away (not sure where they are now though). The Packard Limousine was no longer here and was transferred to PICC

      1. oh really?! we used to admire that car and would love to take a photo of it but couldn’t do so because it’s enclosed in glass casing. seems like a lot of changes were done in the museum. anyway, thanks for dropping by my site too, will add you in my blogroll in a while. see you around… 🙂

  4. fiel-kun says:

    Wow parekoy, thanks for touring us the Emillio Aguinaldo’s mansion 🙂
    Allowed din ba kayong umakyat dun sa pinaka tuktok na bahagi ng mansion?

    1. adminblue says:

      thanks parekoy.. unfortunately.. hindi na allowed pumunta sa pinakataas unless you got special permit i guess

  5. foongpc says:

    Free entry is always good! LOL!

    1. adminblue says:

      indeed LOL

  6. foongpc says:

    Your tour guide is called “Boulevard”?!!! Seriously? hahaha!

    1. adminblue says:

      yes, I actually thought I misheard his name but after addressing him as Manong (sir) Boulevard and never complained or corrected me, I guess that is indeed his name

  7. foongpc says:

    So the tour guide is free too? 🙂

    1. adminblue says:

      yes tour guide is free but you can give him tips ^_^

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