Exploring The Client

As what i have said before, i am sort of a book lover now and i was highly influenced by one of my colleagues. He actually gave me that “I am Number Four” book and since then, i became more interested to read more. Though i don’t feel like reading romance or drama or even horror books (since i prefer to watch them on the big screen as they are visually presented there). I want to read more Sci-Fi , Mysteries and other fantasy or fiction novels. Currently, i am reading a mystery book which was adapted to a film during the 80’s. The Client is written by John Grisham which tells a story of an Eleven year old kid named Mark Sway who witnessed a suicidal act of the lawyer named Jerome Clifford. What makes the story more interesting is that Jerome told something to Mark Sway that he shouldn’t know which brought his life to danger. It’s more like a Sherlock Holmes thing because you have to solve those mysteries one by one and you have to solve the puzzle one by one. If you’re going to put your place in the story, then you might act up like a detective to solve the Boyd Boyette’s case. This is my first time to learn something about the law and how the court proceedings are being done. Actually i was just in Chapter 16 out of the 41. It’s the part where Dianne Sway (Mark’s mother) got fired from her work because of not attending to her work which is quite unfair because she had to be with her sons in the hospital as advised by their doctor. Good thing Reggie Love came to rescue her and threaten her employer to sue them.  I think employees have the rights to complain if they’ve been treated unfair like Dianne Sway but of course, the company itself has the right and privileges too especially before hiring any employees. They can do some background check to know  if you are really deserving to be hired. Oh well, i don’t want to spoil the story completely though i know most of you are already aware of it since it is quite old already. I guess you have watched the film too. But if not yet, then better read the book on your own risk to feel how exciting it is. Have a great day guys and Happy blogging to all.

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