Fake Medical Information

Okay, this is the continuation of my post about Internet Scams. In my previous entry, i told you about Bank Details and Phishing Scams, now let’s focus more on those Fake Medical information being scatteredĀ  online. You’ve probably received several messages from a well meaning aunt warning you that using antiperspirants causes cancer, lipstick contains lead, or that microwaving food in plastic containers is harmful to your health.

These horror stories often cite (fictitious) case studies and ill effects of using certain products. However, upon closer infection, the sourcesĀ  cited in the story are often questionable. For instance, the author of the forwarded email quotes information he or she received at a “health seminar” that antiperspirant deodorants are the leading cause of cancer. The reason is because toxins build up in a specific area due to the lack of perspiration, leading to cell mutation and as a consequence, cancer.

Rest assured this scare story has been debunked by several reliable sources including the American Cancer Society. A study published in the Journal Of national Cancer institute found no correlation between cancer and the use of body odor control cosmetics.

As For microwaving plastics, according to some studies, experts consider plastics safe to use as long as Microwave-safe plastics are used. Well, i recommend that you should not believe everything you read even if it seems to cite legitimate medical organizations or doctors. Verify with the official websites of leading medical organizations for pertinent advisories and health warnings.

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