Five Occasions To Remember With Canvas Prints

During our canvas painting session in Sip & Gogh last month (check Unleash Your Creativity with Sip & Gogh) , I learned that painting is more than just a way of showing art but it also a great way to unwind yourself from stress. In addition to that, painting is also a great way to save those precious memories!

Canvas prints are home decor option which has boomed in popularity over the past decade, allowing anyone to have their favourite moments immortalised on canvas forever.

They’re especially popular as gifts, allowing the recipient to display a cherished photo or moment, and with quality as high as it’s ever been, canvas prints aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. In addition to that, if you are creative enough that you can make your own art or masterpiece, you simply need a decent art framing service to make your work more presentable and display-worthy.

Choosing the right printing and framing service plays an important role in adding another level of durability and longevity to your canvas prints. There are many companies specializing in such service just like the gold coast printing and framing service provider in Australia that offers wide range of services and materials suited for your beloved prints.

Top five moments to remember with a canvas print.


New baby

As any new parent will tell you, the first photo of their cherished little one is an incredibly special thing. However tired the parents may look, it’s a photo that they will love for the rest of their lives.

If you know a couple with a new baby – especially if it’s their first – buying a canvas print of their favourite photo could be a wonderful gift to mark the birth. And don’t forget, it’s a gift that’s sure to go down well with proud grandparents too!


Celebrating birthdays can be a very happy time, and it’s an occasion on which there are sure to be lots of cameras around. Whether it’s a toddler’s party or a 40th birthday celebration, photos taken on birthdays can be really special.
Whether it’s a rare group photo of the whole family or a silly pic of the birthday boy or girl, having a favourite photo printed on to a canvas could be a lovely way to remember that moment for years to come!



Going away on holiday often marks the time at which you are happiest and most relaxed in the year – and if you’ve got a tan, you’re sure to look good! A romantic getaway for two is an ideal time to take some photos to cherish – or there might be a specific photo from a trip with your friends that really brings it all back.

By getting a snap you love printed on canvas you can keep happy times fresh in your mind – just watch out, because having it on display might tempt you into booking a few more getaways than planned…



By anyone’s measure, your wedding day is one of the most important of your life. As well as dedicating yourself to your partner, it’s also one of the few opportunities that anyone gets to have all of their loved ones in the same place, at the same time.

The other bonus is that if you’re the bride or groom, you’re probably looking about as great as you ever will – and that, if nothing else, has got to be worth recording! A big canvas print of one of your favourite photos to hang over the mantelpiece is an amazing way to make sure you’re always reminded of your big day.



The staged graduation photos of the past are quickly becoming an antiquated tradition – but graduating from university is still one of the biggest achievements of many people’s lives.

With lots of people hiring a professional to take some more candid shots on the day, a canvas print is a lovely way to immortalise your achievement and make the most of your photographer.

What’s more, it’s another occasion to gift canvas prints – parents, grandparents and other relatives will be much more pleased with a fashionable canvas of your big moment than with an old-fashioned portrait.

Canvas prints for all occasions

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone you love, a canvas print is a stylish way to show off your favourite snaps in a stylish way.

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