Difference Between Manga and American Comics

I used to be a comics lover. I love comics either it’s Japanese Manga or an American Comics like DC. Obviously the two comics have huge differences when it comes to styles and stories. Japanese manga are more exaggerated and usually drawn conventionally while American Comics tend to be more realistic.

Manga are usually printed in Black and White while American Comics are in colored and are mostly printed in glossy paper (except for the older versions like Archie and Friends for example). Manga comes in a small size compare to American comics. Manga is being read differently too because you have to start reading from the back. When it comes to the story, you can easily identify which came from japan and which is not.

When it comes to readership, i can say that both comics are not recommendable for kids. Both of them contains pictures that are highly sensitive and is not advisable for kids. American Comics are more censored in a way that they draw the characters in a very revealing figure while Manga used to tell a story about sex between two males or females.

My favorite DC comics would be The Avengers: League of Super Heroes. My favorite manga would be “Fruit Basket” and “Bleach”.

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  • March 8, 2011 at 9:13 am

    I don't know why, but I never really got interested in Japanese comics. Pero Archie… tsk! Kahit gaano ka ancient na issue, babasahin ko tlaga. 😀


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