Head Turner: How To Be A Selfie Expert │ The PAK GANERN Guide To Perfect Selfie

Photographs do not just capture images but they also save the memories and we should all be greatful that we can now capture these memories in just one click away from our smartphones. We do not need those bulky cameras anymore because with the current technology with our smartphones, we can always achieve those pro-like pictures in no time! The only thing that matters now is how are you going to make a picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy shot with your phones. Who doesn’t want to look great on their photo right?

“Selfies” have been wired with Smartphones and in fact, it has become part of of everyday lives of people from different walk of age. Much like those photos taken from professional cameras, we all want to look good in our pictures or better yet we all want to look”Perfect” so we can confidently share it to others. Today allow me to share tips on how to come up with those head turner photos and I would like to call it as my “Pak Ganern” Guide Selfie Expert tips! Don’t worry it’s not about Satan!AAAAAAAA
P Pose Like Nobody Is Watching!
We are not all models you know and we do not have that perfect body to showcase but you know what? WHO cares? I mentioned on my previous post that we should learn to eliminate that “beauty standard” that only corrupts our mind and give us a fixed definition of beauty. We should all be confident on what we are and never let anyone to judge you based on how they see you physically. For me, Selfies are great way to show off your confidence and striking a great pose will give it more justice! So whenever taking a selfie, don’t forget to strike your best post and just think like there is no one watching! They are not included on your photo on the first place! PAK GANERN!


The “Sakit Ng Ulo” Pose haha

A– Angles Is The Key
My fellow Narcissists, I mean Selfie lovers, you know the drill, the best way to come up with a perfect selfie is to find your perfect angle and you know that it takes a lot of effort and practice before you can find the right position. We all have that certain angle where we look great (lucky you if you no longer need to think one “Ikaw Na” haha. Look for that angle that will feature your best assets. Of course, this “perfect angle” cannot just be achieved in one shot! It might take several trials before you discover the ideal pose that will surely boost your confidence when taking selfies. There’s really a lot of room for you to experiment with your angles! PAK GANERN!13769521_10208534802440863_3085003277074779984_n

K– Kill It With Your Smile
When I was working as a crew in a Fast Food Chain, my very first job, we had this “Smile Policy” as part of our customer service program. As what the term suggests, we, the crews, were required to smile every time we’re taking orders. You know why? It’s not because we have to look good but because we have to make the customer feel good. Smile will make a huge difference when taking selfies because it will not just make you look good but it also spread some kind of positive energy that will make other people feel good! You should not underestimate the power of smile, you never know, maybe someone who is battling a fight will find your picture very uplifting and will somehow remind them that everything will be okay! See smile is really contagious so make sure to give your killer smile in your selfie! Oh diba? PAK GANERN GANERN! Haha
G-Good Spot Makes A Huge Difference
In order to achieve a perfect selfie, you need to find a good spot! We all want that Instagram-Worthy selfie right? These can be achieved in so many ways and there are so many factors you have to consider. First thing to consider is the light set up. You should pick a spot with good lighting but not too bright nor too dark. Some cameras are not capable of giving a good quality image in low light setting especially if you are using the front camera. It usually end up with too many noises and blurry images. Too much light on the other hand will clear out your face. Do not go against the light either as it will only give you nothing but your silhouette. Pick a spot that will provide Natural lighting as it provides great looking selfies (no filters needed)! PAK GANERN!
A-Apps To be Used!
We’re lucky that we no longer need those time consuming retouches because there are overwhelming apps today that we can download for our smartphones to achieve the effect that we desire. Some app provides huge collection of filters and you just have to be creative enough to come up with better results. Some apps are not just focusing on enhancements but they also provide these funny filters that you can experiment for free. Snapchat and Snow for example is a great way to show someone’s creativity! I personally got hooked with these apps and I find it really amusing to come up with different animated images where I can transform myself to anything I want! I actually realized that my friends like most of my Snapchat photos rather than my normal one (grabe sila haha). Here are some of my Snapchat photos you might enjoy! PAK GANERN!

How about this one? haha13669727_10208461737454284_1129733759043922713_n

N– Natural Look Is Always Better
We can take advantage to all the filters available but I personally think that nothing beats the natural you! First of all, Selfies are done most of the time not to Impress but to Express yourself and there is no better way to do it by showing the real you! There might be an overwhelming amount of apps to choose from and seemingly interminable number of filters to try on but make sure not to overdo it as it will separate your actual photo from reality! You do not want to look like a cartoon don’t you? PAK GANERN!
E– Equip Yourself With Good Selfie Camera
Although Camera is a default feature in every Smartphones today, not all can provide you a perfect selfie shot. One of the reason is that the resolution or the pixel of your camera (the front one in particular) is not high enough to deliver great quality picture. Luckily, we have modern smartphones today that are specifically made to deliver high quality selfies. I personally think that the new OPPO F1s is a great choice! Have you seen that funny Sarah Commercial?
OPPO F1S has 13MP rear camera which is capable of producing Pro-like photos but what really makes it so much special is the 16MP Front camera…. Yes that is not a typo error, OPPO F1S offers 16MP front camera! The resolution is so overwhelmingly high that even the tiniest pores you have can be captured haha. Kidding aside, it was really an impressive feature and something that a Selfie lover like me is craving for! In addition to this, the phone has 3GB Ram and 32GB storage (expandable up to 128GB). These are just FEW of MANY great features that this Smartphone has to offer!!!! OPPO F1S is absolutely PAK na PAK and GANERN na GANERN for me and I bet you guys will feel the same way!
R– Remember, Be Yourself!
Let’s say you already have you OPPO F1s and you know the rest of the drill of becoming a Selfie expert, one thing you must remember is to be yourself! We do not live in this world to please other people. You do not have to do anything just to satisfy them. You should always remind yourself that people should accept on what you really are and not what they want you to be! Never let their reactions affect you emotionally as it will not bring you any good! PAK GANERN!13427959_10208182549514760_4046459004588296613_n
N– Never Forget To Capture Your Best Moments!
I want to go back to the quote I shared in my Introduction. Photos do not just capture the images but also save the memories. Selfies are not different from the actual photos we used to store in a photo album. These images are still being kept but in digital platform like those Social Networking sites. The process of storing might be different but the concept is still there. These pictures will save all the best moments you had and every time that you look at them, they will bring so much memories! So every time you are celebrating or witnessing something great, spectacular or something truly memorable, never forget to capture them with your phone! You will never know how much relief and reward it could bring you in the future! GANERN!
So now that you learned my personal PAK GANERN Guide to Perfect Selfie, feel free to apply and share it to others! GANERN!

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  1. Too funny! This is brilliant, but I have a confession, I have never taken a selfie. Not one, ever!

  2. It is true , the art of perfecting a good selfie is to make sure that the lighting is good.

  3. Liz Mays says:

    These are some good selfie tips. It would be nice to take more creative pictures. I’m certainly not an expert right now.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    I don’t really like taking selfies, but I am not against people who do. I think these tips will help a lot!

  5. lex says:

    you gotta be the best man for this dreamer. you wrote this as true as it is, all tips listed are so on point. as always!!! thanks.

  6. Amanda Love says:

    That looks like a great phone! People are so into selfies these days, it’s really amusing. I think you nailed the tips to taking the perfect selfie.

  7. Katarzyna says:

    I must say, I have never ever made a selfie! 😀 But these are great tips nevertheless!

  8. lilytravella says:

    Funny post! I love the advice about not caring whos around, just do it if you want to. Ignore judgey people

  9. Tiina A says:

    Light is so essential in pics! Even when you want to have a dark pic it needs the right lighting. Good tips! I never succeed with my selfies and to be honest I don’t really need them, because I don’t want to publish my own face 😀

  10. Nina says:

    You know today I took a selfie for my Instagram. I usually shy away from this because with Instagram, better quality images get more traction it seems. However I really liked my outfit, so I went for it. I found a nice, white background and made sure to include my smile from my nose down. I definitely put some thought into it, so you are right that there is a lot to consider.


  11. Imogen Clegg says:

    This is great! Whenever I take a selfie lighting is what I’m most concerned about to make sure my hair colour really stands out

  12. MakeUp Fun says:

    Haha cool. I love to do selfies, I always did since I was little. I guess there is a bit of narcisism inside each one of us

  13. Great post, I love your expression! Love taking selfies myself!

  14. Fatima says:

    O wow! This was an interesting post. I myself don’t take selfies but I sure know many people who do it all the time so sharing it with them.

  15. Her Own Beat says:

    A good post, and it definitely should be shared. I worked in television and film, and these were some of the techniques that we used. It would be great if we could all respond with a selfie. LOL

  16. Bella says:

    These are great tips to get the best selfie! Getting a good shot is definitely an art.

  17. Keith Haney says:

    I have taken selfies but I honestly don’t know why. I find other people far more interesting. And that comes from a member of the Me-generation.

  18. May says:

    This is a really informative post for people to learn from!


  19. Berlin says:

    Hahaha. I love those tips and believe me, i will apply them. My selfies are too ordinary, not able to capture the drama of the situation. And many friends relayed that OPPO F1 is indeed a nice device for that pak ganern fabulous selfie.

  20. Dunja says:

    Great tips 🙂 Who would imagine that taking selfies is a skill that needs to be mastered? But seriously, it’s not a simple thing to do lol
    I find that good lighting helps me the most, as well as practice. Practice makes it perfect!

  21. Lux G. says:

    Naks naman! Great tips and really great shots too.

  22. Nilyn says:

    Nuffnang should pick you as the winner! This post is great! 🙂 At talagang naka Pak Ganern ang definition! 😀 Ako, I didn’t join this contest kasi waley ako maisip, lol. Plus, lately, I realized I’m not taking much selfies anymore. Good luck! I hope you win! I’ll check the announcement. 😀

  23. Zwitsy says:

    Yung angle talaga nagdala ee. But lo, these tips of yours are interesting. I’ll give a try of those I don’t usually do. I felt awkward when I do kasi. hahaha Anyway, you look like Alden R. above the “Good Spot Makes A Huge Difference.”

  24. Anwar Abdi says:

    Wow very interesting article, I’m in mass media I’ve a team that does all this for me lol but thank you for sharing this

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