A Quick Glimpse To History Con 2016


History Channel is going to make History and we are so lucky that they have chosen our country to make these record breaking events in History.  History Con 2016 is the first ever convention of its kind. It is done in celebration of all things entertainment with History Channel leading the way.  The convention is actually very random and it is more than just the history. It has so many things to offer, historically relevant exhibits, Car shows, International celebrity guests, an overwhelming amount of contests and tournaments and a whole lot more! It’s a four day event that kicked off last August25 and will run until today August 28, 2016. You can still catch up today (tickets are also being sold on the event site and each pass came up with interesting freebies too). To give you a quick peek of the event, here’s a video!

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  1. Louisa says:

    I really wanted to go to this event. It looked so interesting and we have a few shows we watch on the History channel. I hope they have another one! I wonder what kind of surprises they have in store.

  2. Ya know what bro, I really wanted to go here. I’ve seen the event’s tv ads a couple of times but I didn’t make it since something came up, plus I thought tickets can only be bought online using credit cards. 🙁
    I am now looking forward to the next History Con, and I am crossing my fingers for them to consider Philippines again to be the venue of the event. How was it?

  3. Sounds amazing. I love the History Channel too. Great to know what they had going on at the convention.

  4. Oh wow I love the History Chanel. I had that idea that they had an event.

  5. I love the history channel, my favourite eras are ancient Egypt, Medieval and Tudor. This event sounds like fun.

  6. lex says:

    one of my favourite channels, thanks for this as i never knew of this…

  7. Kimberly C. says:

    This sounds great. Love learning about History, it’s amazing, they have conventions now for everything. Oh wow and a car exhibit too… sounds very kid friendly!

  8. liz cleland says:

    I go to several events throughout the year I would love to attend. Thank you for sharing because we are HUGE History channel buffs!

  9. Tiina A says:

    I would definitely want to know more about history. Unfortunately I don’t watch history channel because I don’t have it, but I think I should start – this looks interesting!

  10. Keith Haney says:

    This looks interesting. I love car shows. Spending time in Detroit how could you not?

  11. GIGI says:

    I heard good stuff about it. This sounds interesting, and engaging.. Would love to see the vintage motorcycles and sawrds!

  12. Eloise says:

    I watch the history channel quite frequently, love it! I wasn’t aware of the event though… what a great time : )

  13. Awesome! Will be anticipating this History Con. I’m a huge fan of history, even when I travel. Plus, my dad was a former history teacher. He even wrote his own history book. So I’m sure he’ll like this too.

  14. Mica de Leon says:

    Oh History Con! I few of my friends went there… the event looked so fun from the photos. Too bad we don’t get to watch it so I can’t really relate that much.

    There’s More to Mica // http://www.micadeleon.com

  15. Just sad that I missed this. You are so lucky you got to go. I History Channel. I like their documentary styled series like Hunting Hitler, really interesting stuff. Plus I looove Pawn Stars! And Vikings!

  16. I love history channel… well maybe next to Animal planet and national geographic… yeah, it’s just the first time I’ve heard of a History con event.. It’s cool! but, I think there’s way to many things out there, like carshows..I was thinking of historical things.. but anyways looks very interesting

  17. Shai Habon says:

    Interesting! Sad that I wasn’t able to see it 🙁 Your video looks really fun, not just a normal convention but I can see that it’s also very interactive 🙂

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