Hidden Gems: 5 Places You Have to Visit When You’re on Bali

Known as the Land of the Gods, Bali is an Indonesian island that’s filled with sandy white beaches, volcanic mountains, and sheer natural beauty. If a trip to Bali is on the horizon, you may already be aware of some of the hotspots and attractions that are popular with tourists. However, there are many hidden gems that are lurking behind the shadows that are a must-see. To ensure you get the most out of your trip, here are 5 places that you must visit when in Bali.
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The Ceningan Islands

Hidden in plain sight, the Nusa Islands are situated 20km from Bali’s South East Corner. If you’re looking to steer off the beaten track, Ceningan Nusa is known for its crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect hotspot for those who love to swim and surf. If you venture down towards the southeastern tip, you will end up in a cove that comes with its very own private beach, providing you with privacy and peace.
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Located in the north of Bali, Munduk is a small town that is roughly 800 meters above sea level. When compared to busy areas such as Kuta and Seminyak, Munduk is a small rural village town with only a couple of B&Bs and guesthouses, giving you the perfect opportunity to get a traditional slice of Bali. If you’re serious about seeking out hidden gems on the island, Munduk should be top on your list. The town has some great attractions, such as Melanting waterfalls and Tanah Barak which are situated in the north of the town. There are also several lakes to feast your eyes on, including the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan.
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Perasi Beach

While it’s not exactly undiscovered, for those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy towns, Perasi Beach will give you a much-needed break. If you’re thinking what makes it eligible as a hidden gem on the island, the beach is flanked by two cliffs, so not only will you be hidden from the busy townships, but the ocean winds too.

You can also try to visit the Seminyak beach resort located at the southern end of Bali. Aside from its clear-blue sea, the place is also known for its luxurious hotels, villas, and spas. There is a great collection of seminyak bali villas to choose from. These accommodations are complete with basic amenities and are cozy enough to give you a memorable staycation experience.
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Gili Islands

Made up of a group of three tiny islands, the Gili Islands are another great place to consider. They consist of Gili Trawanagan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. Situated near the coast of Lombok Island, for those who are looking for sandy white beaches filled to the brim with palm trees, this hidden gem could be the perfect option for you. On the smallest island of Gili Meno, there are sea turtles that swim at Turtle Point, so for those who would like to get up close and personal with the wonderful nature that the island has to offer, a visit to the Gili Islands is a must-see and look at this site for more information https://turtlecaring.com/how-long-can-a-yellow-belly-turtle-stay-out-of-water/.

To get to the island, you can easily book a boat from Bali to the Gilis from companies such as Duck Ferries.
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Located roughly 45 minutes away from Ubud by car, Sideman is one of the most popular hidden gems that tourists like to explore. The main attraction of the town is the soaring Mount Agung, which is known as the island’s largest mountain. There are also forested hills, verdant rice fields, and a rising volcano to check out too. If you like to go hiking, there are lots of challenging trails to venture on, as well as trails for beginners too, making it a perfect spot to visit, no matter your ability. This place actually reminds me of my trip to Banaue, Ifugao.

If you would prefer to go off the beaten track and explore some of the best hidden gems that Bali has to offer, creating an itinerary before you head to the island and knowing where to go can help make sure you have a trip of a lifetime.

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