Sta Rosa Catholic Church in Cabangan, Zambales

After visiting the miraculous Ina Poon Bato Church in Botolan, we headed to a small and humble church in Cabangan which is under the patronage of Saint Rose of Lima.P3124280t
Rose of Lima is designated as a co-patroness of the Philippines along with Saint Pudentiana, who were both moved as second-class patronage in September 1942 by Pope Pius XII, but remains the primary patroness of Peru and the indigenous natives of Latin America. Sta Rosa Catholic Church in Cabangan is under the Diocese of Iba (Southern Vicariate) and the current Parish priest is Rev. Fr. Teodoro F. Camat.
P3124281tThe church has a very simple facade and I’m not really sure what kind of architectural style this church is inspired from but it notably has a belfry located on the center of its facade complimented with stained glass windows of different sizes. By the time we get there, the church was closed but we are lucky enough that someone from the convent open the door for usP3124287tThe belfry of the churchP3124283tThe nave of the church. Honestly, I can’t find any relavant details or any brief history about this church online but based on the structures, this church is seemingly not too old compare to other churches that we visited the same day. P3124284tThe retablo has three niches with Crucifix on the center and two other images on both sides. Too bad it’s lent and all images were covered but it is safe to assume that one of these covered images is Saint Rose of Lima.P3124286tThe simple yet relaxing landscape outside the church. P3124288tIf you know any additional details about Sta Rosa Catholic Church, feel free to share it here! Thanks

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  • July 26, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    I would love to try venturing into Zambales soon since it’s near here in Pampanga. But after giving birth, I already listed the places where I’m going to tour first – first would be here, )yeah because I haven’t ventured much here in Pampanga) and next would be Bataan. I would list Zambales on my go-to places too.


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