What To Buy When Visiting Lucban, Quezon

Lucban is probably known for their annual Pahiyas Festival where the streets are being decorated with flamboyant and colorful displays of their freshly harvested crops and vegetables and most notably their famous rice wafer called Kiping. Apart from this festive celebration, the municipality of Lucban has many other interesting attraction to offer.  This includes the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine (Check: Revisiting Kamay ni Hesus Shrine), the Lucban Church (Check : Lucban Church), the Marcos Tigla Park and the of course, the Mount Banahaw.

A trip to Lucban, however, will not be completed without trying their famous delicacies and items. Listed below are some of the pasalubong/ souvenirs that you should not miss when visiting Lucban!


If ever you are planning to visit Lucban this coming May for Pahiyas, one thing you should never miss is their famous Kiping. Kiping is a leaf-shaped wafer made of rice paste that comes in wide range of colors. This rice wafer is merely used for decoration especially during the Pahiyas Festival but is also edible.
During the festival, you’ll spot stalls selling fried Kipings. These colorful wafers are drizzled with sugar. Some vendors are even selling grilled Kiping too

Lucban Longganisa

A trip to Lucban will not be completed without bringing home their tasty and aromatic longganisa! The Longganisa of Lucban is among the most popular and possibly one of the most delicious variant of Longganisa in the country along with other popular Longganisa including those in Vigan (Check What To Buy in Ilocos), Tuguegarao, Pampanga and Cebu. What makes the Lucban Longganisa more distinctive above the rest is its rich garlic flavor and aroma.  The price of Lucban Longganisa will range from Php75 – 150 per dozen (depending on the size). This is best eaten with Fried rice with Vinegar as dipping sauce.


Pancit Habhab

To complete your visit in Lucban, you must try their famous Pancit Habhab. Pancit Habhab is the Lucban’s version of Pancit Canton but with the use of dried miki (flour noodles) instead of the traditional one. This gives the Pancit Habhab a distinctive taste and texture. The other ingredients may vary depending on who prepares it but one thing that really makes Pancit habhab very special is the way how it is served and eaten.
Pancit Habhab is traditionally served in a piece of banana leaf and is eaten without the use of any utensils. The term habhab means “to eat with one’s mouth”. So yeah, you just have to find an effective way to eat the pancit without getting messy and sloppy! The price of Pancit Habhab per serving ranges from Php10-Php15 while the uncooked Miki Lucban will range from Php35 to Php100 per pack.

Espasol of Lucban

Espasol is a Filipino delicacy which originated in Laguna (a neighbor province of Quezon) but many will definitely agree that the Espasol of Lucban is one of the best! Espasol is a cylinder-shaped delicacy made from rice flour, cooked in coconut milk and rolled in toasted rice flour. A pack of Espasol (as seen from the image above) is worth Php50 and it contains 5 Espasol sticks that are wrapped separately.


Pinagong is a unique variety of bread which originally came from the neighbor town of Lucban, Sairaya, Quezon! Pinagong, as what the term suggests resembles the shape of a turtle. Aside from the shape, it also shares the same characteristics of a turtle. The bun of Pinagong is notably hard and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is best paired with coffee.

Campita’s Broas and other Delicacies

Another famous pasalubong from Lucban are the products from Campita’s most especially their melt-in-your-mouth Broas (lady’s finger). Remaining faithful with their motto, Campita’s Food Product will give you the taste of Lucban’s traditional delicacies. You can buy Campita’s Broas in smaller packages for Php35/each or 3pcs for Php100 or better yet buy those in cans. Aside from the Broas, Campita’s has wide range of other products to offer including their signature Tikoy, Puto Seko, Apas and more.


From a town who can decorate their houses festively, it is not a big surprise that they also showcase their creativity with their handicrafts. Bayong and other hand woven crafts like fans, hats and more. The bayong comes in wide variety of color. Some are natural while others are dyed. It comes with different sizes too.

Special Bibingka

Spotted along the road is a series of stores selling Special Bibingka. It is not your typical bibingka that are usually served during Christmas season. These bibingka are filled with Buko (which made it tastes like a coconut pie but without the crispiness). The Bibingka is top with generous amount of grated cheese. The price for each cake is Php35 but if you buy 3, it will only cost you a hundred and you’ll get a free mini weave basket.

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  • February 9, 2018 at 5:49 am

    In Quezon, their Longaniza is very delicious! Everytime my lola will go there in Lucba, she never forgot to bring us a pasulubong and that pasalubong is Lucban Longaniza hahaha

  • February 11, 2018 at 1:53 am

    So many great finds! Haven’t been there but at least Buddy’s restaurant gives be the experience somehow. Hey nice new blog profile photo.

  • April 10, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Lucban Longganisa is the best, we bought it and brought longganisa here in UAE. It is good when crispy cooked on its own oil.


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