How to kill Depression

I came across a very nice article last night and i want to share it with you. These are the 4 tips on how to ward off depression. I’ve been suffering from a serious depression guys and if you just know how much i wanted to overcome this nightmare.

  • Identify the symptoms of depression.

►Serious depression : perpetual sadness, slow reaction of mind and body, morbid and bitter self criticism.

►Mild Depression: discouragement, loneliness, disconsolateness, feelings of inferiority, getting no fun out of life.

  • Practice Hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.
  • Right eating, right exercising, right thinking, right praying, right living, these tone up vitality.
  • Practice of thought replacement can bring about spirit transfusion.

►Replace each weak thought with a strong one.

►Replace each negative thought with a positive one.

►Replace each hate thought with a loving one.

►Replace each gloomy thought with a lifted one.

I hope i can do these all effectively and overcome my depression in no time.

1 thought on “How to kill Depression”

  1. Mareeyah says:

    Hopefully, you get to overcome it. Ako, naranasan ko ring madepress dati… pinakamalupit diyan na dahilan lagi ang lovelife, naku. Buti naman hanggang iyak lang ako, and I'm thankful na di gaya ng iba na super tindi talaga to the point of suicidal attempts (naku, wag naman sana sa yo.. wag na wag mo iconsider yan ha? Kung gusto mo, babasahin ko blogs mo every day, wag ka lang mag attempt ng ganun). Basta be positive lng. Ako dati, pg depress sa lovelife, I try to play songs na masaya, fast tempo, and I avoid slow songs which only make me sadder.

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