Preparing for a New Career

My job as a freelance writer might not be over yet but I can tell you right now, that I am currently seeking for new opportunities. Being in this kind of industry is such a very rewarding experience however, i have to consider some important matters other than earning money online. I have to grow as an individual and I have to gain more working experience to be added on my credentials of portfolio. I want to experience working under an employer again. I want to challenge myself and feel those pressure once again.

Actually, I am scheduled for a Job interview tomorrow morning but before that, I have to process my documents first. I have to renew my NBI Clearance which expired last April 2009.Photobucket

God, I have to rush things up now. I will hit the nearest NBI branch later and hopefully they can release my form right away.

As you can see, i have so many things to take care of. I might process my Income Tax Return too. Anyway, I wish the company will offer all the necessary benefits that all employees should have most especially the health care insurance. My former colleague encourage me to apply for a life insurance too but before dealing with any insurance company, it is advisable to compare life insurance prices offered by different companies to know which of them has greater deals. It is better to check their if it has all the necessary insurance  coverage too.

Anyway, wish me luck for my Job Interview. I hope it will turn out positively ^_^

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  1. Tom Sower says:

    Goodluck Milton!

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