It’s the Typical Me

PhotobucketI’m not really into fashion and to be honest, I consider myself as an old fashion guy. This is a typical me, I used to wear polo shirts and most of them are checkered for some way of reason. I used to match them up with jeans and a pair of sneaker shoes. I wear eyeglasses but not to correct my vision. These are non prescription glasses that I use to compliment with my style. It feels like I am some sort of a decent gentlemen whenever I wear them.

I used to bring a shoulder bag too or if I don’t have much papers or documents to bring, I wouldn’t mind bringing my Lacoste Pouch bag or my dakine purse. Generally, I am just an average guy who doesn’t care much about fashion or maybe because I grew up this way and I got used to it. Do I have to change anything? I don’t think so. I am comfortable this way and isn’t how fashion is being defined? So I don’t care what’s the latest fashion trend today because I am contented and well satisfied with my style and that’s what matters most.

How about you guys? What is your style? How will you describe your fashion? Feel free to share it with us!

5 thoughts on “It’s the Typical Me”

  1. sheohyan says:

    My husband too is not very into fashion. I remember he asked me in our first date, " How do you want me to wear? May be you can give some opinions." Then, I said to him, " You just be yourself, I like just the way you are."

  2. [SK] says:

    i am not into fashion too, or maybe i shall say i am always not in the fashion sense, hahahaha!!

  3. [SK] says:

    i may be taking my appearance very seriously last time, but now maybe as i aged, i really get more relax with it, hahaha!!

  4. [SK] says:

    having said that, i think as long as we look neat and tidy, and confident with what we are wearing, we still look good and do not need all those brands to label us right?? :p

  5. [SK] says:

    i'm always in my jeans and tees, or bermudas and tees and sneakers.. feel most comfortable with these.. 🙂

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