Legion Of Mary ~ Summer Function

One of the most exciting non-religious activities of Legion of Mary here in San Roque Parish Church is the Summer Function. It is being held once a year in which the entire Legion members and officers (senior and junior praesidium) are gathered for a summer trip. This year, the Legion decided to held the Summer Function at Cherry’s Resorts in ┬áTabon Kawit Cavite.
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It is actually not a formal event. No speeches, no special guesses and no other special activities. We just all went there to enjoy and to swim. Cherry’s Resort is relatively small compare to other resorts here in Cavite but we enjoyed and had a blast that day. We had this “pay your own admission” and “Bring your own Baon” policy and everyone is encouraged to bring their own foods but we can share them with others too.

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We brought Chicken Curry made by my mom and others were surprisingly chicken dishes too including Chicken adobo, Lechon Paksiw and more. Side dishes includes salted egg and tomato salad, hard boiled egg and more. Desserts, on the other hand is brought by our Sister Jovine ~ Samala’s Malagkit (Sticky Rice Cake).

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I also brought my sister (who happens to be a Legionaries too) and my younger brother with me. The Entrance Fee for Cherry’s Resort per head is Php 130.
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Merely all the active members of both Senior and Junior praesidiums were there to enjoy the function.
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We haven’t done such thing for a very long time and it is not really surprising why Milzon grabbed the opportunity every minutes before we leave. We had so much fun indeed.

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Same thing goes with my co-legionaries.
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It is a once a year event so why not make the most out of it right? I joined the other legionaries in some games. We arrived there at around 10 pm and we went home exactly 5pm.
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I wonder where will our next Summer Function will be held next year. ^_^

I am going to post a detailed review of Cherry’s Resort in my next entry

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