Let’s Explore Manila : The Rizal Execution Site

Contrary to the beliefs that Rizal was executed on the site where the Rizal Monument is situated, our national hero was actually executed on a site just few meters away from the monument. A marker was placed on the actual site of execution and a set of oversized diorama were placed nearby depicting not just the execution scenes but the notable events in Rizal’s life.
20170102_112853tYou know, the most interesting parts of exploring various historical sites is that you will get the chance to connect them all as if you are building a puzzle of memories and once you found the connection between two places, that’s the most rewarding part. So while exploring Manila, we’ve connected several places related to Rizal. We’ve learned that he was imprisoned in Fort Santiago (Check: Fort Santiago) and then he was brought into this particular site where he was executed. His remains was secretly interred in Paco Cemetery (Check : Paco Park and Cemetery) and then transferred to its present location where the Rizal Monument is erected (Check : Rizal Park)20170102_112400tI’m not really sure of the actual title given to this particular area of Rizal Park but you will be welcomed by this thick concrete wall with “Ang Pagpapakabayani Ni Dr Jose P Rizal (The Martyrdom of Dr Jose P Rizal) mounted on it. There’s also a clear pond with fountain in front.  It is also very important to note that there is an entrance fee of Php20 to access the area.20170102_112436tBefore entering the site, you will also be welcomed with this black granite wall inscribed with Rizal’s poem “Mi Ultimo Adios“. It was said that Rizal wrote this poem on the eve of his execution by firing squad on 30 December 1896. The piece was one of the last notes he wrote before his death.
20170102_112455tYou will also be welcomed with these impressive bronze sculpture depicting different events of Rizal’s life. The diorama and these sculptures were actually made by Eduardo Castrillo who is also behind some notable sculptures around Manila including the People Power Monument, the Bonifacio Memorial Shrine (Check : Bonifacio Memorial Shrine) and that Historical Bridge in Zapote (Check : Battle of Zapote Bridge)20170102_113534tThe area is more than just an exhibit but also serve as a light and sound theater. The stone chairs are wonderfully arranged to provide the place a theater-like atmosphere. 20170102_112657tThe highlight of course is the dramatical presentation of Rizal’s execution. It features oversized sculptures of Rizal and the firing squad behind him.
20170102_112901tUnderneath the big statue of Rizal is a historical marker to indicate the actual site where Rizal was executed. Our National hero was executed by a firing squad at 7:03 Am on December 30, 1896
20170102_113109tOne of Rizal’s final moments before his execution. You can see his arms being tied up. 20170102_113232tIt’s sad that I know nothing much about Rizal’s timeline but this one could be Rizal along with Lt. Taviel de Andrade and Fr. Antonio Rosell who both visited Rizal in the prison prior to his execution.
20170102_113251tRizal and Josephine Bracken in their last moments together. It is said that Jose Rizal and Josephine were canonically blessed as husband and wife by Fr. Balaguer. 20170102_113343tRizal writing down his last letter and poem Mi Ultimo Adios on eve before his execution20170102_113414tizal knelt before his beloved mother, begging for forgiveness and understanding; the mother and son were separated by the strong grip of the prison guard.20170102_113455tThe Trial20170102_113023tRizal contribution to our country is truly incomparable and his death is even more so. Through his writings and his love for our country ignited Filipino’s sense of nationalism and because of him and the rest of the heroes who offered their life and love for our country we will never experience the kind of freedom we have today.

After a quick peak to Rizal’s execution site, we headed to another park nearby, the Chinese Garden and I will share more about this scenic garden in my next #LetsExploreManila entry.

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