Making Tiramisu for Christmas

We’re making Tiramusu this Christmas Eve!

I bought one pint of Fruit Cocktails

Placed  them in the aluminum tray. We used small aluminum trays this year.

Mix the Cream and the condensed Milk

Pour the Milk over the fruits and place the graham crackers on top

our the milk again over the first layer of Graham crackers and layer another set of graham crackers.

Put them inside the fridge and Tadah! We got the creamy and icy Tiramisu!


3 thoughts on “Making Tiramisu for Christmas”

  1. foongpc says:

    Wow! That simple? I want to make my own tiramisu! : )

  2. foongpc says:

    Merry Xmas , blue! Btw, did you change the template for this blog? Don't remember it was like this last time?

  3. Raffy says:

    Frozen ba yung tiramisu? wow mukhang masarap. Try mo rin maglagay ng mascarpone

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