Pork Sinigang

Pork Sinigang is one of the native Filipino dishes. It is a soup or a stew and well known for its very sour flavor. The main ingredient to achieve that sourness are Tamarinds but if you do not have any tamarinds available, there are resdy made powder mix seasoning which offers the same sourly flavor.

Anyway, Pork Sinigang is my most favorite dish along with Philippine adobo.  It is very easy to cook too.. Actually you just have to bolied the ingredients together and that’s it! I love Sinigang with plenty of veggies especially Okra and Kang Kong.

Aside from Pork, you can also use Shrimps, fish and Chicken. When we cook Fish Sinigang, we match it up with fried milk fish!

Oh my… now i am craving for Sinigang.

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