Movie Marathon Part 3

This is my last entry about the Movie marathon experience i had with my cousin. I have shared two of the movies we have watched and now let me share you the last one. We have watched a comedy action film ~ Kung Fu Hustle. I just can’t help but to laugh with this movie. It was packed with great action, comedy punch lines, cartoon style scenes and more. Kung Fu hustle is a very successful film not just in terms of its gross income but also its huge impact world wide. It was dubbed as the Hong Kong most successful and highest grossing film in their history and one of the highest grossing foreign language film. Well, you will find the story quite confusing at first. The story i about Sing (portrayed by Stephen Chow) who wanted to become a part of the Axe Gang to prove somethign to himself that he is not a weak type of guy. He had this principle of “being a good guy is not so good at all”. He and his friend went to a town to make some trouble , pretending that they were actually members of the famous Axe Gang. Without their knowledge, the town thy visited has this martial arts and kung fu experts. Suddenly, the true axe gang showed up and many of their members has been killed and defeated by three martial arts legends. Brother Sum, the leader of the gang make his revenge by hiring too harpist and killed the three kung fu artist. The land Lady and the Landlord revealed their secret identities. They fought with the two harpist and killed them both. Sing on the other hand was been hired by the axe gang because of his ability to pick locks. He used Sing to free The Beast. the Beast is the only man who has the ability to fight with the Land lord and the Landlady. The beast then fought with the two. Sum orders Sing to kill the Landlady and Landlord, but feeling reformed, Sing beats away Sum and hits The Beast instead. Enraged, The Beast breaks free of the joint-lock and pummels Sing. Fortunately, Sing is spirited away by the Landlord and Landlady when The Beast’s back is turned. The Beast, annoyed by his complaints, casually kills Sum, and gives chase. It was revealed that the chosen one was Sing. Sing fought with the Beast and Beast loses the fight.

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