[ Movie Review ] Tu Pug Imatuy (The Right To Kill)

Tu Pug Imatuy (The Right To Kill) is one of the most interesting entries in the recently concluded Sinag Maynila 2017. It is based on true events which took us all in the devastating fate of Lumad communities and how much they struggle as they caught up in the seemingly endless conflict between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the NPA. Lumad killings are no longer a new issue to us and it has been one of the terrifying social problems that our country is facing today. Tu Pug Imatuy is not just a movie made to give us awareness but more of a strong reminder on how much these indigenous and innocent people suffers in this war in a land which was supposed to be their own. photo tupugimatuy_zpsi7tyztb3.png
The movie generally follows the story of a Manobo Family who got separated from each other after their encounter with the military forces where Dawin (the father) and Ubonay (the mother) were forcibly taken by the soldiers as they thought that these two can lead them to the nesting site of NPA. The abuse and merciless actions from the soldiers are just too painful to watch. Ubonay, however, proved that despite of the lack of education she got, she is a woman not to be underestimated and her eagerness to be reunited with her family has become her tool and advantage to win over the abusive military forces.
 photo tupugimatuy3_zpskkoztjse.png
Malona Sulatan, who portrayed the heroine in this movie, was such an interesting revelation in this Arbi Barbarona’s masterpiece. The film showed us that you do not need an epic dialogues or that remarkable one liner just to make your acting memorable. The emotions are very raw and I can barely remember Sulatan throwing any memorable lines at all but the portrayal was very convincing and you can feel all the anger, the sadness and her struggles to survive such nightmare from the hands of these merciless soldiers.
 photo tupugimatuy2_zpsb3nfpfbh.png
Despite of all the tortures and brutality in this movie, you will also be treated with a cinematography that is simply beyond expectations. There was this interesting irony of these beautifully captured landscapes and the unbearable torture sequences that occurred in the entire course of the film. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert when it comes to this kind of film technicality but I can tell which is good and which is bad. Tu Pug Imatuy (The Right To Kill) is a very special film in so many ways. It interestingly concludes with footage of the real-life Ubonay sharing her stories on how she was kidnapped, raped and abused by the military. photo poster-tu-pug-iomatuy_zps1j6elzm7.jpg
The film bagged not just one but six different awards including the Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Music and Best Cinematography. With such impressive quality, Tu Pug Imatuy has huge potential to bag more awards and to be recognized internationally.
My rating for this movie is 4 Out of 5

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